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Evanthia Stirou
Evanthia Stirou, Staff Artist. 1st year on The Gauntlet

Interests: Gaming, Reading, Drawing, Hanging out with people

Favorite musical artist: NCS (nocopyrightsounds)

Favorite quote: “It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Hah, joke's on all you happy people, I'll just frown all day and get ripped.” -Anonymous Reddit user

Evanthia Stirou, Staff Artist

Nov 11, 2019
Word search (3) – Car Brands (Story)
Nov 05, 2019
Word search (2) – “The Office” (Story)
Nov 05, 2019
Is Climate Change really upon us? (Media)
Oct 31, 2019
Word search (1) – Saint Stephen’s (Story)
Oct 31, 2019
Top five local coffee shops you don’t want to miss (Media)
Oct 28, 2019
Costume dress-up day on Halloween; here’s what you need to know (Media)
Oct 29, 2019
Private school kids in a public school town (Media)
Sep 30, 2019
Which character from “The Office” are you? (Media)
Sep 30, 2019
Late-Start Schedule coming again? (Media)
Sep 23, 2019
Oh, the places we’ll go (Story/Media)
Sep 24, 2019
Living with anxiety (Media)
Sep 19, 2019
Are you really a VSCO girl? (Media)

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Evanthia Stirou