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The controversy over whether to hike the minimum wage to $15 is soon to come to a head.
The true cost of minimum wage
Connor Davis May 7, 2021

How would you like to make more money than you’re making right now? It’s an easy answer. Of course! Who wouldn’t want to make more money? Well...

As the artist of this piece, Evanthia Stirou, puts it: your life is not a to-do list.
Living life as a means to an end
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor • April 29, 2021

I have a note on my phone that lays out my plan for my life in the form of a bullet-point list. Each bullet point builds off the last, until...

The top secret tips are concealed in folders pictured above.
Five secret tips to ace your college interviews
Lina Graf, Staff Writer • April 28, 2021

*The following piece is a satire. Picture this: You’re a freshman at your dream university (Harvard, Yale, or even Princeton), sitting in...

Falcon Spotlight: Dr. Juengling
Falcon Spotlight: Dr. Juengling
Joseph Salu, Staff Writer • February 19, 2021
Genna Nucci posing with friends in front of her sorority.
Interview with a 2020 graduate
Lina Graf, Social Media Manager • February 5, 2021
Kyle Klett,
Falcon Spotlight: Kyle Klett
Jules Pung, Associate Editor • February 1, 2021