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the Gauntlet

the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

Burn out can feel like an all-consuming ailment. Original artwork by Sarabeth Wester.
Don't get burnt out
October 5, 2021
Outlines of several College pennants.
Should sophomores attend college rep visits?
Alex McLemore, Staff Writer • October 6, 2021

It’s that time of year again. College Rep visits are in full swing. Sophomores, don’t ignore this opportunity. There are so many colleges across the country, even across the globe. And...

Junior Garrett LaFlamme  sets the tone for the pep rally.
Homecoming week: Float activity photo gallery
Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor • October 6, 2021
Burn out can feel like an all-consuming ailment. Original artwork by Sarabeth Wester.
Don't get burnt out
Caroline Gans, Editor in Chief • October 5, 2021
An arena, collapsing down around someone. Their feet are stuck and they stand and watch as it all falls down.
You aren’t alone
Alex McLemore, Staff Writer • September 30, 2021
A collage of photos taken at Dream Oaks Camp featuring Caroline Pope, Alex McLemore and Camp Director Bryanna Shepard alongside several campers.
How a checkbox can change you
Alex McLemore, Staff Writer • September 21, 2021
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Piece of art by Evanthia Stirou showcasing a girl staring into the mirror confused about who she sees.
Who are you? Finding yourself in high school
Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor • October 4, 2021

“Who are you?” asked the person glaring back at me in the bathroom mirror. In my head, I knew the person was me. It was the same person...

Instagram shows only the mere highlights of our lives, not our reality.
Instagram is a highlight reel
Ansley Morris, Associate Editor • September 15, 2021

What your followers see: A highly saturated, perfectly filtered photo of you, nonchalantly posed in front of a beautiful beach setting. The piercing...

A family, loaded up with suitcases, are ready to head off on their family road trip.
How to survive a family trip
Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor • May 13, 2021

Ah, the end of the year, what a stressful, yet hopeful time. APs and regular exams are approaching, but you know what else is? Summertime. Woohoo!...

As the artist of this piece, Evanthia Stirou, puts it: your life is not a to-do list.
Living life as a means to an end
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor • April 29, 2021

I have a note on my phone that lays out my plan for my life in the form of a bullet-point list. Each bullet point builds off the last, until...

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US soldiers attempted to rebuild Afghanistan to no avail.
An Afghan Autopsy: Two Perspectives
September 20, 2021

Genetic engineering is the future of our society, and its not a good thing.
Designer babies: want one?
Lauren Schindler , Staff Writer • September 17, 2021
Many inexperienced lifters put themselves at risk of injury by incorrectly performing exercises such as the deadlift.
The toxicity of modern gym culture
Sully Maley, Editor in Chief • May 4, 2021
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The Dance-Off photo Gallery showcases some of the best moves of the performance.
Dance-Off 2021 Video
Charlie Sherrill, Video Director • October 6, 2021

Click photo on left for Fr/So vid and photo on right for Jr/Sr   

What was your favorite part of Hoco Week?
Michael Konkol, Luke Donley, and Aquiles Gonzalez October 6, 2021

What stories do you want to see on The Gauntlet this year?
Asa Watkins, Alex Slowik, Jake Pettingell, and Aquiles Gonzalez September 29, 2021

What teachers think, but will never say
Charlie Sherrill, Video Team • September 22, 2021

Take a journey into the heads of many faculty members and see what they are thinking but will never tell their students.

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The smiling face pictured here is that of Coach Kelly, standing in front of the football field.
Falcon Spotlight: Coach Kelly Colwell
Nikole Cosentino, Social Media Director and Staff Writer • September 14, 2021

As some of you may have heard, Coach Hodges is no longer the official athletic trainer at SSES; she has been promoted to Saint Stephen’s Coordinator...

Dr. Elsner joined the English Department this year.
Falcon Spotlight: Dr. Elsner
Reese Williams, Staff Writer • September 13, 2021
Rosser in action as he commands his go-kart around a track.
Falcon Spotlight: Noah Rosser
Joseph Salu, Staff Writer • April 30, 2021
Falcon Spotlight: Dr. Juengling
Falcon Spotlight: Dr. Juengling
Joseph Salu, Staff Writer • February 19, 2021
Junior linebacker Michael Konkol doing what he does.
Photo Gallery: Falcon Football
Reese Williams, Staff Writer • September 14, 2021

Winter sports are in full effect at SSES.
Winter Sports: Scores, schedules, and updates
Evanthia Stirou, Creative Director • February 10, 2021
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Jason Todd and Dick Grayson as the appear in ‘Titans’ and Red Hood and Nightwing as they appear in comics.
Series 'Titans': a good show that gets Robin (and Batman) all wrong
Caden Melnick, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

Superheroes: we all love them, and we all have favorites. Of all those favorites, though, one of the most popular heroes of all time has to be...

Do you know what you want to be for Halloween?
What should you be for Halloween?
Lauren Schindler, Staff Writer • October 8, 2021
Heres another Chin-strapper.  We call it this because the look would only appear right on a football player. Lets make this right, people!
PSA: Masked Offenders
Gavin Conner, Staff Writer • September 20, 2021
Senior Maxine Mandt excited to add new members to the Latin Club.
Photo Gallery: Club Fair
Reese Williams, Photographer • September 7, 2021