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the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

Financial aid, particularly in the form of school vouchers, is a necessity for many who attend private schools, unless the school can provide the funds directly, as is the idea for SSES.

The move to decline the Step Up scholarship will ensure academic independence

Kavi Riedi, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

In July of 2023, the state of Florida expanded the Florida Empowerment Scholarships, which provides money from the Department of Education to families that wish to send their children to a private school....

Staff Writer Jackson Pakbaz has a formal discussion at dinner with his date, a stuffed zebra

Spice up your Fantasy league with these five hilarious punishments

Jackson Pakbaz, Staff Writer November 29, 2023

The fantasy football season is underway, and the excitement of the playoffs is at an all-time high.  But for many who are part of family and friend leagues, something is missing, and they may not even...

Alumni Spotlight: Emiliano Concha-Toro

Alumni Spotlight: Emiliano Concha-Toro

Laila Yavalar, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

Former Saint Stephen’s student Emiliano Concha-Toro returned to campus this October back in uniform (only, a different type of dress code.) After graduating in 2016, Emiliano went straight to Ranger...

La Catrina is a cultural icon in Mexico and other countries. Pictured are Mrs. Galligan, and Mrs. Oller dressed as La Catrina.

Spanish teachers bringing culture to Halloween costumes

Zachary Stephens, Staff Writer November 8, 2023

This Halloween, Saint Stephen’s saw many a typical American costumes, such as Mario and Luigi, police officers, and pirates. But something was missing… Many of the choices, as is usually the case with...

This is Mr. Trampleasure and his hiking group exploring Badwater Basin.

Falcon Spotlight: Mr. Trampleasure

Yara Nimer, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

If you’ve been hanging around the science wing, you may have noticed that Saint Stephen’s has welcomed a new addition to the science department. Due to Mr. Carlson's position change from the upper-school...

Mr. Whelan and Dr. Juengling pose together showing how exciting it is to be most unique.

2022-23 Teacher Superlatives

Reese Williams, Associate Editor May 16, 2023

Most Young at Heart: Mr. Hoonhout and  Mrs. Cotton Best Dressed: Mr. Whelan and Mrs. Hasbrouck Campus Mom and Dad: Mr. and Mrs. Cotton Drama King and Queen: Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Elisha Most Likely...

Jet Chen eliminating his target at lunch after AP exams.

Senior Survival has senior Falcons highly engaged

Jackson Clark, Staff Writer May 9, 2023

Finally, after an entire school year of waiting and rule-making, the seniors finally started the senior student-led survival game. This game takes place entirely off campus and is completely separate...

Supplements can improve your gym performance if used correctly and in moderation.

Know what you’re adding: gym supplements

Laila Yavalar, Staff writer May 2, 2023

It's common for student athletes to get into the gym and want to get stronger, hit better PRs, or go for personal training. There are a lot of student athletes (at this school and beyond) who take supplements...

Aly’s Column: Stand up against fashion stigmas!

Aly’s Column: Stand up against fashion stigmas!

Alyson Folkens, Staff Writer April 26, 2023

The school year is coming to an end, and the special events are piling up. Especially as a senior, it seems like every week there’s an event that I need to prepare for. Of course, it's not the event...

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