Letters to the Editor – the Gauntlet

Letters to the Editor

The Gauntlet encourages citizen journalism as an avenue for student opinion. Letters to the editor may be submitted to Mr. Hoonhout’s mailbox or emailed to [email protected] All letters to the editor will be verified by a student editor to determine the authenticity of the writer.


  1. Letters to the editor should not exceed 300 words, must be signed and must include the writer’s email or phone number for verification.
  2. No material will be printed where content is obscene, invasive of another’s’ privacy, encouraging physical disruption of school activities and/or implies libel.
  3. Personal attacks are not allowed.

The SSES journalism student editors reserve the right to withhold a letter or column or other submission and/or return it for revision if it contains unprotected speech or grammatical errors that could hamper its meaning. All letters to the editor become the property of the school newspaper upon receipt and will not be returned to the author.

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Letters to the Editor