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Is it okay to start slacking on Coronavirus related precautions seven moths after the onset of the disease? Photo by Caroline Gans and original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Stop the normalization of Covid-19
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor • October 30, 2020
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The democratic process in the US is a little more complex than you thought.  Art by Sarabeth Wester
Does your vote really count?
Lauren Schindler, Staff Writer • October 27, 2020
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Original art by staff artist, Evanthia Stirou, displaying the dangers of eating disorders.
How I learned I'm more than a number on a scale
Ansley Morris, Senior Writer • October 20, 2020
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Artwork by staff writer Evanthia Stirou demonstrates the tension between the police and BLM.
Local police look to keep justice 'just' in Bradenton
Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor • October 14, 2020
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TikTok has become a platform where political content thrives. Is that really what needs to be happening, though? Original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
How TikTok is changing American politics
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor • October 2, 2020
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When it comes to activism, how much is too much? Original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Is Instagram activism powerful, or powerless?
Caroline Gans, Staff Writer • August 31, 2020
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American health workers donning protective gear.  Photo credit: U.S. Navy
The untold pain of COVID-19
Dylan Zoller, Design Editor • May 5, 2020
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Students gather in the Commons for a spirit event during assembly. Losing these moments of interaction during social distancing could serve as a reminder of their value once they return.
Technology can't save us from social isolation
Sully Maley, Editor in Chief • April 24, 2020
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Are your social media apps doing enough to protect you?
Are your social media apps doing enough to protect you?
Ansley Morris, Staff Writer • April 21, 2020
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Mills in his workshop, where during a 24-hour period, he can produce about 30 masks.
Senior produces, distributes over 200 face shields in fight against COVID
Jacob Whorf, Staff Writer • April 10, 2020
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ADHD can be a debilitating disorder, but does it have to be?
What it's like living with ADHD
Betsy Neal, Junior Staff Writer • March 13, 2020
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This art work by Gauntlet Staff Writer Evanthia Stirou showcases a young boy sitting alone on a swing suffering from chronic loneliness.
The lonely generation: how loneliness is affecting Gen Z
Sanna Lexhed, Staff Writer • March 3, 2020
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