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Ansley’s column: My relationship with 2020.

Corona changed the lifestyles of everyone, whether it was at school, the store, and even the beach.
Ansley Morris, Senior Writer January 14, 2021

Struggling with memorization? Here’s your answer.

This art piece by freshman Sarabeth Wester depicts a girl struggling to think because of music consuming her mind.
Sanna Lexhed, Assosiate Editor January 14, 2021

Closed-door battles

Doorways Of Problems is an artist representation of how the mind looks of someone when they face these issues, constantly opening and closing doors depending on the person.
Sarabeth Wester, Staff Writer November 17, 2020

Stop the normalization of Covid-19

Is it okay to start slacking on Coronavirus related precautions seven moths after the onset of the disease? Photo by Caroline Gans and original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor October 30, 2020

Does your vote really count?

The democratic process in the US is a little more complex than you thought.  Art by Sarabeth Wester
Lauren Schindler, Staff Writer October 27, 2020

How TikTok is changing American politics

TikTok has become a platform where political content thrives. Is that really what needs to be happening, though? Original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor October 2, 2020

The untold pain of COVID-19

American health workers donning protective gear.  Photo credit: U.S. Navy
Dylan Zoller, Design Editor May 5, 2020
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