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The journey of Mr. Peter Kraft

We sat down with Mr. Kraft, along with students and staff, to learn more about our new Head of School
Savannah Hrubar
Mr. Kraft hugging Dr. Pullen during his investiture ceremony earlier this year, when Kraft was installed as the new Head of School for Saint Stephen’s.

Without a doubt, you’ve seen him on campus and supporting our students and faculty at many after-school events. There’s always a smile on his face and he’s a welcomed new addition to the faculty at the school we all call a second home. His name is Mr. Peter Kraft, and he is our new Head of School. 

Mr. Kraft began his work at Saint Stephen’s on July 1, 2023, as the successor to Dr. Jan Pullen/ 

Kraft is a native of Pittsburgh and attended the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey for high school.  He later went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from the College of William and Mary.

In March 2022, Mr. Kraft completed the LEAD Executive program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where his coursework focused on organizational leadership and finance. An avid sports fan and longtime football and basketball coach, Mr. Kraft also enjoys writing, travel, and fitness.

In his time at Saint Stephen’s so far, Mr. Kraft has been enjoying getting to know our community. 

“Students I meet and their parents are very committed to the school, they work hard and are proud to be here,” Mr. Kraft said.

Mr. Kraft aims to accomplish three main things during his time as the Head of School, the first being to strengthen the athletic program. Having some experience as a coach, Mr. Kraft strongly values athletics. 

“One of the things about Saint Stephen’s that stood out to me was the sports facilities,” Kraft said.  “And I would love to continue to put those to good use by identifying and maintaining good coaches and strengthening our sports teams during my time here.”

The second thing he hopes to instill is the students’ kindness for one another. 

“These are hard years and kids can be mean,” Kraft said.  “It doesn’t help that they missed out on things due to COVID and are influenced by social media, but if everyone considers this and is a little bit nicer at school it would make the Saint Stephen’s community grow so much stronger.”.

It is obvious by his many presentations and speeches on the topic, that Mr. Kraft strongly values kindness and wants to work on making Saint Stephen’s a safe and fun learning place for all the students attending. 

Lastly, Kraft loves how some of our classes here at Saint Stephen’s are so student-centered. 

“I would like to make all of our classes based on student-centered learning and teaching,” Kraft said.  “I would also like to add some more signature programs to give students a chance to drive their learning and deepen their commitment to learning.”

Although Mr. Kraft must be very busy formulating exciting plans for the school, Kraft has made his presence known by often walking the campus while smiling and waving to all his students.

According to many students, Kraft is truly interested in getting to know the students here.

“Mr. Kraft always stops to have a small conversation with me in passing time,” sophomore Lucy Preston said.  “It’s nice because it shows he cares about the student’s lives and wants to get to know us.” 

An example of Kraft’s attention to students could be seen in his lunchtime chats during the first semester with all of the seniors. To get to know our graduating class better, Mr. Kraft invited a small group to eat lunch with him once a week.  This allowed him to develop relationships with our senior class in the short amount of time he has to spend with them before graduation. 

“The amount of effort of getting to know us shows his dedication to every student at Saint Stephen’s,” senior Madison Mcavoy said after attending a lunch with Mr. Kraft. 

Students aren’t the only people who appreciate the leadership style of Mr. Kraft. Faculty and staff have found his impact on campus effective and streamlined.

“The one thing I appreciate about him is his organization,” Dean of Student Life and Wellness Mrs. Conn explained.  According to Conn, Mr. Kraft always has an agenda that keeps her weekly meetings with him organized. 

Mr. Kraft has been welcomed with open arms and happy hearts to our campus. Kraft greatly appreciates this opportunity to lead our school and plans to be here as long as he is helpful. 

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