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Falcon Spotlight: Mr. Trampleasure

Get to know Saint Stephen’s new physics teacher!
Mr Trampleasure
This is Mr. Trampleasure and his hiking group exploring Badwater Basin.

If you’ve been hanging around the science wing, you may have noticed that Saint Stephen’s has welcomed a new addition to the science department. Due to Mr. Carlson’s position change from the upper-school physics teacher to the librarian, Mr. Lee Trampleasure has stepped in as our new physics teacher.

Mr. Trampleasure spent most of his life in Berkeley, California, having lived there since he was two. After resigning from his last teaching job, Mr. Trampleasure was uncertain he would find a teaching position that fit him and his teaching style.

I took the opportunity to ask Trampleasure why he left his last teaching job. Trampleasure stated, 

“At my previous school, my schedule was all over the place, so coming to Saint Stephen’s, my intentions were to hopefully have an organized schedule and to engage more with the students here.” 

Trampleasure said SSES was a perfect fit for the way he teaches. 

“I like having a more hands-on approach when it comes to teaching, I love incorporating my students in my lessons using things like whiteboards for labs.”

I like having a more hands-on approach when it comes to teaching

— Mr. Trampleasure

After finding a job opening at Saint Stephen’s, Mr. Trampleasure instantly connected with the science faculty’s freedom regarding teaching.

Although the semester has just begun, Mr. Trampleasure has already narrowed down his favorite part about working at Saint Stephen’s.

“My favorite part about Saint Stephen’s is that I value the fact that the teachers in the science department share the same ideas and love for science that I do.”

While Trampleasure still lived in California, he indulged in many of his other interests. Even though physics may be his specialty, Trampleasure also took pride in creating a Hiking group focused on studying geology.

 “I started the group through an app called Meet Up. I was inspired to create this type of hiking group because I had only ever noticed groups hiking, with the only goal being exercise or slow nature walks.”

Trampleasure added: “I’ve loved geology since I was in high school, and I loved the idea of bringing people with the same interest together.

Something you may not know about Mr. Trampleasure, if you are not taking physics this year, is that he suffers from face blindness. Faceblindess is a neurological disorder that causes the inability to recognize faces.

“Face blindness affects a part of the brain that is supposed to help you recognize faces. Face blindness relates somewhat to a scale from 1 to 10, where people at a 10 can recognize someone they’ve just seen once and recognize them three years later, and people at a one can’t even recognize themselves in a mirror. I lay in the middle of that spectrum, it takes me a long time to fully recognize someone even after knowing them awhile.”

Mr. Trampleasure doesn’t let it phase him.  He said that he’s happy to have made this switch, and the student body looks forward to the future of physics at Saint Stephen’s. 

“I’m delighted to feel the welcoming spirit of the Falcon family,” Trampleasure said.



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