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the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

Thalia and Melpomene are the Ancient Greek theatrical masks. They represent the greek theater genres of tragedy(drama) and satire(comedy).

Which movie genre is better: Comedy or Drama?

March 23, 2023

The age-old debate rages on. Writers Andrei Black and Yara Nimer make their cases. So which genre will you watch tonight?

This image shows the time that students would be arriving for late start days.

Bring back late start days to the Upper School

Alyson Folkens, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

At the beginning of the 2020 school year, the Saint Stephen’s Upper School experimented with late start days. On these days, the first bell would ring an hour later, at 9:00 am, so students had the opportunity...

Art by Creative Director Sarabeth Wester showing a jersey that could have been worn.

Should athletes be allowed to wear jerseys on gamedays?

Daniel Schnur, Staff Writer March 7, 2023

As the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year came around, Falcons were surprised by a sudden change in Saint Stephen’s dress code. Historically, on game days, Falcon athletes sported their...

Dont believe what they say: TV can be good for you

Don’t believe what they say: TV can be good for you

Laila Yavalar, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

Forget what your parents say: TV may actually be good for you. TV can motivate, provide entertainment, introduce you to new perspectives, excite you, and teach you important life lessons.  According...

Junior Reese Williams is shocked to see the parking situation in the parking lot.

Dear new sophomore drivers

Caylin Kitchner, Staff writer February 28, 2023

The parking lot in front of the field house floods with the morning wave of staff, greedy sophomores, and the elderly juniors. On a typical morning, these patient, almost-seniors struggle to find the parking...

High school Physics teacher Mr. Carlson poses with Danny Dodaj with holding a physics quiz.

You may not like it, but school is good for you

Danny Dodaj, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

Can you imagine yourself if you hadn’t received any kind of education?  Would you even be able to read this article?  Understand it to the fullest extent? Probably not, and the interesting thing...

Adam Graf shows side by side two examples of this means of expression.

Is graffiti still art?

Adam Graf February 3, 2023

Being from Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, I have seen the city-engulfing layers of graffiti first-hand. A vast majority of the buildings, bridges, and trains have graffiti throw-ups or tags on them....

Why I quit video games

Why I quit video games

Adam Graf, Staff Writer December 15, 2022

Each night I gamed, I would spend it dominating on Valorant or exploring on Minecraft. I would stumble awake the next morning groggy, but I knew I would do it all over again the next night. One of these...

Chess is rapidly becoming a phenomenon both at SSES and across the country.

Why Chess is Cool

Adam Graf, Staff Writer December 8, 2022

If you happen to pass the library during your free time during the day, you may see my friends passionately battling in chess competitions through the giant glass windows of the media center. To us, chess...

When it comes to the 4-inches above the knee rule, it seems boys are less likely to be dress coded

Breaking the (dress) code

Laila Yavalar, staff writer December 6, 2022

Imagine a hot day in Florida, the weather in the 90s, and instead of wearing shorts to combat the hot weather, your school dress code encourages you to wear a pair of jeans that only make you more boiling.  Now,...

Dr. Asplen, the Sarasota County School Superintendent, was rightfully furious about his potential termination at Tuesdays meeting.

Shot in the foot: Dr. Asplen’s shameful termination

Jackson Nealis, Editor in Chief December 5, 2022

On Tuesday, November 29, after nearly five hours of citizen comment and discussion, the Sarasota County School Board voted 4-1 to negotiate a separation agreement for the county’s Superintendent, Dr....

Art done by Gauntlet Creative Director, Sarabeth Wester.

Saint Stephen’s Students Talk Thanksgiving

Andrei Black, Staff Writer November 30, 2022

Thanksgiving: The holiday often forgotten, stuck in Christmas’s shadow. With all the Christmas displays in stores and Mariah Carey blasting over the radio, it is almost like Thanksgiving doesn’t even...

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