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the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

the official student-produced news site for Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

the Gauntlet

Paul, my beloved Pontiac g6, poses for a picture.

I love you, Paul

Caylin Kitchner, staff writer November 18, 2022

Paul, born in 2007, still runs smoothly. The dark, blue hue of his exterior shimmers in the sun. The scratches of past battles line his perimeter. The bushes, curbs, and trees were no match for Paul. His...

The album cover of Taylor Swift’s new masterpiece: Midnights

Album review: Midnights by Taylor Swift

Julia Craig, Associate Editor October 25, 2022

Across her musical career, fans have admired Swift as she effortlessly switches between genres. Midnights is no different. To me, this album combines the power and spunk of Reputation with the lust of...

Dear Drivers: Please let me back out of my parking spot

Dear Drivers: Please let me back out of my parking spot

Amelia Sabo, Staff Writer October 11, 2022

My keys jingle in my backpack as I rush out of class, searching for Lucy in the courtyard (my little sister, whom I regularly chauffeur to and from school).  It’s go time. I quickly glance at my phone....

Change your music habits

Change your music habits

Laila Yavalar, Staff Writer October 5, 2022

Your favorite song may not only be catchy– it may also be good for your mental health. It's a simple psychological effect: what you listen to can determine your mood and manner for the day. If you listen...

Gavin Conner hard at work learning beneficial skills.

Should you get a job in high school?

Gavin Conner, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

Walden University estimates that about 30% of high schoolers are employed. It’s easy to see why: work by its very nature teaches workers not only new skills and time management but gives the worker a...

Heartbreak in high school can be tougher than you think.

Heartbreak in high school

Caroline Gans, Editor in Chief March 22, 2022

A few days ago, I was driving home from school when a song from one of my Spotify daily mixes started playing through my car’s speakers that completely took me aback. It was a song that I had neither...

Volodimir Zelenskyy visiting Eastern Ukraine in Spring of 2021. Picture by Simon Shuster.

The solution for peace in Ukraine

Jacob Gekht, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Unless Putin is ousted from his entrenched position of power in Russia, military conflict and violence in Ukraine and its surroundings will most likely continue. There are, however, several ways to de-escalate...

Zendaya stars in HBO Maxs hit series, Euphoria, as Rue who actively struggles with addiction and mental health.

‘Euphoria’ isn’t as far from reality as we think

Ansley Morris, Associate Editor March 14, 2022

As you’ve been walking through the halls the past month, you’ve probably heard quite a few conversations about the hit HBO Max show, Euphoria. After a two-year hiatus, the series came back for its...

A stop sign to represent the need to realize that it might be time to take a break.

A reminder to take a minute to be present

Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor March 2, 2022

What homework is due tomorrow? What should I pack for my trip on Friday? Where am I going to college? What if I do badly on my test tomorrow? Did I say the wrong thing to that one person today? These sorts...

pickles are praised in this review to many peoples favorite salty snacks

Anthropocene Review: “Ode to a Pickle”

Sophia Berry, Editor February 26, 2022

In May of last year, in the midst of the global pandemic, young adult novelist John Green published his first nonfiction book, reviewing the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene, as Green puts it, is “the...

TikTok can lead to its users finding themselves in a negative loop of comparison with others.

TikTok promotes self loathing

Caroline Gans, Editor in Chief February 25, 2022

According to my screen time analytics, I spend about half an hour on TikTok every day. For those who are unaware, TikTok is a social media platform where you scroll through videos that are usually around...

Superboy-Prime fighting The Darkest Knight, one of the most powerful beings in all the multiverse. Superboy-Prime won.

A toxic fan to end all toxic fans

Caden Melnick, Staff Writer February 18, 2022

When a form of media gets popular, there are always fans who feel the need to speak out against it. They claim they do so to improve the franchise, to help create solutions to the problems they see. This...

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