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Spice up your Fantasy league with these five hilarious punishments

Is the magic of your league dwindling? Is the guy in last place not setting his line up? Here’s a fix for your Fantasy woes.
George Frano
Staff Writer Jackson Pakbaz has a formal discussion at dinner with his date, a stuffed zebra

The fantasy football season is underway, and the excitement of the playoffs is at an all-time high.  But for many who are part of family and friend leagues, something is missing, and they may not even know about it.

Fantasy football is a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players. But some people who know they won’t win give up midway through the season. This kills excitement and makes some leagues boring and pointless. So this brings up the question.   

How do you make people compete when they know they won’t make the playoffs? How do you ensure they check their team weekly to see how their players are doing? Well, here is a solution: make up a punishment for the person who comes in last place. Maybe now, that loser will want to participate all the way through the season and win a few games, right? 

These punishments will create an air of excitement and fear which your league desperately needs. Here are five brutal punishments to utilize in your fantasy football league for that special person who comes last. 

  1. The Date with a Stuffed Animal

Imagine dining at your favorite restaurant with your favorite stuffed toy as your date. The public shame is high, and this will be a punishment players in your league will want to avoid, thus keeping the competition level high.

Meet Chris. He came last in his league and must now endure a romantic date with Winnie the Pooh.
Photo via @ZackBlatt on X

   4. Perform a Stand-Up Comedy Set

This punishment is not for those who hate awkward social situations. For this punishment, the loser must go to a local venue (like a coffee shop or restaurant) and make purposely bad jokes in front of a crowd of strangers. This punishment is not for the faint of heart and must not be taken lightly, but it will keep that lazy last-place player in line.

  1. Play a U.S. Open Golf Championship qualifier

Did you know anyone can compete in their local U.S. Open golf qualifiers? Any old guy who’s never seen a golf course could rock up and try out. That’s what the last-place finisher would have to do as the penalty: enter and play in a US Open qualifier

A man in Kansas who finished last in his league finished a shocking 40 strokes above first place.  

  1. Become Nerf Bait

This punishment is not only stressful, but also incredibly humiliating. The person in last place will have to dress up as an animal of the winner’s choice, to be hunted by the rest of the league with loaded, old-school Nerf guns. Ever wondered what it’s like to be prey?

  1. Body Waxing

Have you ever worn a band-aid on your leg and, while taking it off, accidentally ripped out your hair? Painful huh? For this punishment, you can multiply the pain by 10x. The person in last place must get both their legs waxed in an uncomfortable experience. This humiliating experience will be entertaining and hilarious to see for the rest of the league. 

A man in Kansas who finished last in his fantasy league finished a shocking 40 strokes above first place. Photo via @caseofthegolf1 on X

These punishments will keep your fantasy football league more exciting and help the players to stay focused. Rest assured, these punishments will be a motivating factor. Just remember to set the boundaries everyone agrees to, and most importantly, have fun.

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Jackson Pakbaz
Jackson Pakbaz, Staff Writer
Jackson Pakbaz is a sophomore in his first year writing for the Gauntlet. His role in the Gauntlet is a staff writer who writes good stories. He has one tortoise, his favorite color blue, and his favorite show is Cobra Kai. His favorite hobby is playing soccer.  

George Frano
George Frano, Staff Writer
George Frano is a sophomore in his first year on the Gauntlet, as a staff writer. His favorite color is purple, he has a dog named Myca, and plays soccer and video games. His favorite movies are Asteroid City and the Seven Samurais.

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