Make your New Year’s resolution count

What will your resolution be when the clock strikes midnight? And how will you keep it?

Carefully planning a New Years resolution is one step to actually making it happen.

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Carefully planning a New Year’s resolution is one step to actually making it happen.

Caylin Kitchner, Staff writer

Picture this: it’s December 31st, the New Year is quickly approaching, and the stress of coming up with resolutions comes to the forefront. Family and friends gather around the dinner table and share goals for the upcoming year. We hear plans to workout everyday, quit unhealthy habits, eat healthy, go on trips, and spend more time with loved ones.

Now, fast forward.  The day is January first:

  1. You start off strong. 
  2. You wake up early.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  4. Go to the gym.
  5. Get dressed
  6. You drink water instead of coffee.
  7. You spend time with your friends and family.
  8. Then, you go to sleep early, intending to repeat this cycle…

January second rolls around:

  1. Your alarm clock buzzes.
  2. Snooze.
  3. Buzz
  4. Snooze. 
  5. Buzz
  6. The cycle repeats itself again and again until you roll out of your bed. 
  7. You eat the leftover Christmas cookies.
  8. You sit on your couch and watch T.V.
  9. You drink a large cup of coffee.
  10. And go to bed at 3am.

You tell yourself, “I can skip a day,” but the reality is, you’ve already failed your resolution.  So the question is:Why do we make resolutions if we don’t keep them?

New year’s resolutions help us to reflect on our lives and where we are on a personal level. This reflection allows us to set goals for ourselves to help us become the best version of ourselves. Resolutions provide encouragement and hope for the upcoming year. By making these new objectives, we attempt to better our lives and the lives of those around us. Although many resolutions are not completed throughout the year, they are still a good way to add motivation and happiness as we move into the new years.

So the key question is: How do you keep a resolution?

  • Setting short term goals to reach your resolutions. For example, you could create weekly goals along with monthly goals to help you find success. 
  • Allow yourself to mess up.  Even if you let it go for a day, don’t give up.  Start anew the next day.  
  • Share your resolutions with loved ones, or consider collaborating on one with a friend or family member.  That way, you two so that they can support one another along the way.
  • Make sure your resolution is reachable, don’t make unrealistic goals.

So, when the clock strikes 12 midnight on January first, what will your resolution be?  And what will you do to keep them?