2022-23 Teacher Superlatives

Recently, The Gauntlet surveyed the student body and the results are in.

Reese Williams, Associate Editor

Most Young at Heart: Mr. Hoonhout and  Mrs. Cotton

The best teachers are the ones that you can relate to. That’s why Mr. Hoonhout and Mrs. Cotton earned this one.

Best Dressed: Mr. Whelan and Mrs. Hasbrouck

Need some fashion advice? Go talk to Mr. Whelan or Mrs. Hasbrouck.  They have the most swag on campus winning best dressed.

Campus Mom and Dad: Mr. and Mrs. Cotton

Going through it at school? Head on over to the math department and talk to your campus mom and dad, better known as the Cottons.

Drama King and Queen: Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Elisha

Whether it’s in class or at rehearsal, Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Elisha know how to put on a really good show. That’s why they won drama king and queen.

Most Likely to Assign Homework over Break: Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Cotton

Practice makes progress and these two are the living proof. Physics and math are their specialties, and assigning homework over a break is their way to get students to be just as good as them.

Most Opinionated: Mr. Yanelli and Mr. Santa Maria

Need an opinion? Go talk to Mr. Yanelli or Mr. Santa Maria.  With them earning most opinionated, they will surely have an answer.

  Most Athletic: Mr. Hoonhout and Dr. Juengling

Need an extra participant in a game or match? Go talk to Dr. Juengling and Mr. Hoonhout as they are the most athletic teachers around.

Attached-at-the-Hip Males: Mr. Santa Maria and Mr. Johnson

For Mr. Johnson and Mr. Santa Maria, their favorite part about teaching English is doing it with their bestie. That’s why they won attached at the hip for the males.

Attached-at-the-Hip Females: Dr. Ward and Ms. Clough

These two besties have proved their loyalty for two years in a row. Thats why our chemistry queens won attached at the hip.

Most Followers on Social Media: Mr. Hoonhout and Ms. Grady

Want to go viral? Mr. Hoonhout and Mrs. Grady can point you in the right direction to get the most follows and likes on all social media.