PSA: Masked Offenders

Let’s face it: at SSES and around the nation, people struggle to get the mask thing right. Here is a look at some of the common mask miscues in hopes that we can all get better at mask-wearing and keeping each other safe.

Gavin Conner, Staff Writer

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  • Here’s one of the most common mask mistakes. I call this the ear-dangler. This faux pas happens when you are too lazy to get that mask fully on, so you just let it dangle.

  • This situation can get the best of all of us. This student was mid-sneeze and pulled down his mask. PSA: We consulted a source who said one should cough and sneeze “in their mask” to avoid spewing germs.

  • Ah, the Chin-strap Look and the Under-the-Nose look. It’s hard to stay on your game 100% of the time, but this dynamic duo can do better.

  • Here’s another Chin-strapper. We call it this because the look would only appear right on a football player. Let’s make this right, people!

  • The Under-the-Noser may be the most common mask offense around. Wearing a mask might be uncomfortable, but the nose still spews out germs, so cover it up!

  • This mask offender represents a rare sighting, perhaps even a lost cause. I don’t even know what to call this look. All we know is that he’s well-protected in the eye region.

  • Finally, we arrive at a seasoned senior, wearing a mask properly. This student is keeping himself, and everyone around him safe. Now, we urge you all to do your part so we can go back to normal as soon as possible.

  • We can all do a little better to get this mask thing right.

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