Should sophomores attend college rep visits?

Sophomores, your running out of time! Go sign up for a college visit now.


Evanthia Stirou

Outlines of several College pennants.

Alex McLemore, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again.

College Rep visits are in full swing. Sophomores, don’t ignore this opportunity. There are so many colleges across the country, even across the globe. And guess what? There are 55 college reps, each from different schools coming to our campus. From now until November 17th, take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for a college rep visit.

I know, you’re thinking “College is two years away, why should I start looking now?” Well if you find one that you love, you can look for opportunities that the certain college looks for, which may help in the application process. So, find at least one college that intrigues you and sign up!

Don’t wait! There might not be any spots left.

Sophomores, I’m sorry, but the only time you can go is during your study hall. So, if the time works, sign up! There is no harm in signing up.

I asked the most in-the-know person at Saint Stephen’s if Sophomores should attend college rep visits. Of course this is none other than Mrs. Conn, the academic dean of Saint Stephen’s. Mrs. Conn believes “in general, students should attend college visits because it gives them time to meet the representative one on one who is part of their admission process” to the given school.

Hear that? “Students” should attend, so Sophomores, why haven’t you registered yet?

Conn also gave a direct message to sophomores, “if it does coincide with their study hall, they should definitely, definitely go to college visits!”

Don’t stress Sophomores, there is plenty of time before you need to seriously think about where you want to apply. Research colleges you know about, there is a plethora of information out there so find it! Once you find a college that fits your interests, use the designated college weekend to go and tour the colleges that intrigue you. So, use these college visits to further your interests at particular colleges.

Ok, you get the message, go sign up!