Falcon Journey: Ms. Turconi

Similar to last year’s ‘Voices in the Nest,’ the ‘Falcon Journeys’ series will focus on the journeys of Falcons— what brought them here and who helped them along the way.  


Photo by Ms. Turconi

Danny Dodaj, Staff Writer

After the retirement of Upper School Administrative Assistant Mrs. Lori Desmerais, the school had a challenging task of finding her replacement. After a long search, it seems like we’ve found the perfect lady for the job. 

Ms. Beth Turconi grew up in northwest New Jersey. Later in life, she worked at a school for children with autism. 

Ms. Turconi explained, “I moved to Florida eight years ago to stay closer to my elderly parents. I worked at IMG Academy for six years as the secretary for the headmaster.”

Outside of her professional life, Ms. Turconi has a family of her own and that experience has a huge place in her journey.

Ms. Turconi explained: “I love my kids very much but what changed me was when my first child was born.

My son was my first child, his birth impacted me because my life was no longer just about me. So all of a sudden I was just responsible for another person. It was a radical change, nothing in my life up to that point had been so special.

All of a sudden it wasn’t about what I wanted to do, or what I needed to do. Instead it was: What does my son need to be raised as a successful, kind, and bright individual?

You no longer have the option to always do what you want. It all becomes about someone else’s life. Marriage is like that, too, but when you’re married you can have a conversation with another adult. But when you have a child you are personally responsible for that baby.”