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How to make your Super Bowl awesome

These activities are going to make this Sunday a whole lot better
Bode LaBelle
Food. Sports. Games. The best way to own your Super Bowl experience. Art by Bode LaBelle via Canva

For those with no horse in the race during the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 11th, the day might just be any given Sunday. Your team isn’t playing, and unless you despise one of the teams on the field, you have no preference in who wins. Also, if footbal isn’t your thing, well, then you just don’t care.

But the Super Bowl transcends fandom. It transcends sports. It’s way, way more than that— it’s family time, the commercials, the food, the spectacle of the half time show.  The Super Bowl is SUPER.

There are a few things that can make even the least of football fans enjoy this Sunday and the real fans enjoy it more. So get these Super Bowl activities lined up early, make some nachos, and enjoy the game. 

Super Bowl Squares 

What’s a better way to drive interest in sports than some friendly gambling?  (If your parents approve of the Super Bowl Square game, that is.) For Super Bowl Squares, the board has a 10-by-10 grid squares.  Participants put in a dollar to “own” a square.  After every person puts their names on the squares, you use a number generator to choose a number from 0-9, and begin filling in each spot along the axis. 

The numbers represent each team’s score at the end of the quarter.  For example, if the 49ers score 13 and the Chiefs score 21, the 49ers side would be 3 and the Chiefs would be 1. The winner for that quarter would be the person who has 3, 1.  The Square game is really useful for parties and for people who like to take risks, so get one going this year.  

Commercial Bingo

This one gets you focused during the commercial breaks. These squares feature many companies and celebrities and for each square that shows up in an ad, you cross it out. You can find these bingo cards online or you could create them yourself. This way, the commercials become a source of fun instead of grievance.  

Predict the Halftime show

A fun idea for the Halftime show is to try to guess what songs will be performed. For the Super Bowl this year, Usher is the headliner, so you could guess what song he will open and close with. And along with Usher, you could most likely guess who the guest performers will be. This is a fun way to be locked in during the Halftime show and learn more about the performers in question. 

Rating the Commercials

Another great way to watch the Super Bowl is to rate the commercials. In this game, you play a critic rate each commercial out of 5.  The commercial has the highest rating by consensus will be crowned the best commercial. Keep track of the scores by opening up a Note on your phone.   You can’t miss a beat for this game, and critiquing the commercials is a fun way to bash or praise a least favorite or favorite corporations. 

Pick a winner

The best way to enjoy the Bowl is to pick a winner and stick by them. This way, it feels like your team is playing for a title, therefore making the Super Bowl more entertaining than just sitting back as a neutral.

So, I hope you have fun this year.  The Super Bowl is always fire, but you can pour a little gasoline with these fun Super games. 

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About the Contributor
Bode LaBelle, Staff Writer, Sport Updater
Bode LaBelle is a Junior and this is his first year writing for the Gauntlet. His alternate role is as the sports writer who edits the scores of the Falcons’ sports games on  the Gauntlet. His favorite music artist is Kanye West, his favorite tv show is Breaking Bad and his favorite movie is Inglourious Basterds.


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