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Prepare for lift off

Have you heard about girl’s weightlifting? Well, here is all you need to know.
Kelly Miles
The lady lifters after winning the District title in both traditional and olympic lifts.

Last year, Saint Stephen’s was greeted with a new sport: girls weightlifting. Being a first-year program, many people didn’t know about the new addition at first; however, after making it past the regional level, the team gained recognition, followers, and support.

So let’s look at what made the team so successful last year. At Saint Stephen’s, most sports teams require a lift either before or after practices. So with that interest in mind, Coach Erik Schulz took it upon himself to make it a winter sport. 

Schulz said that his main goal was to introduce the sport the first year and teach the technical aspects.

His goal was for “everyone to learn the sport and have the techniques down correctly.”

In search to create a “full team,” Schulz carefully implemented Olympic and traditional lifts in the athletes’ workouts in order to scout some people for the team.  That’s when he knew he had something going.  

Going into the season, many felt nervous or uneasy about joining the team. Freshman Sarah Najmy said at first, she “expected to be insecure and nervous of the people watching.” However, when looking back at the season, her opinions differed. 

“I can’t remember a time where I was actually nervous, instead, it helped my confidence grow, and I constantly felt supported, not judged.”

Starting up a new sport at a school is not only challenging for the coaches, but also for the athletes themselves, being pushed outside of their comfort zone. Junior Ashley Black went into the season expecting “little to nothing,” but wound up being happy she gave it a try. Black not only believes that this sport made her physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well. 

“As a girl who once feared the number on the scale, this sport made me so much more comfortable in my body and boosted my body confidence,” Black said.  

At first, the didn’t know how competitive they could be as a team because there was mass chaos in the gym as everyone was still learning, but as the season progressed, it became clear they could make something happen at districts. 

The team won first place in both traditional and Olympic lifts at the district level, and out of the 17 girls that went to districts, all 17 qualified for regionals, and 4 made it to states. After all of these accomplishments, all of the girls were so glad they joined the sport and the progress they made. 

When we asked the girls about their experience trying this sport, there was nothing but positive feedback.

So if you’re looking to be a part of a team that increases body positivity and strength, has a lenient practice schedule, supportive friends and coaches, team-bonding, and a phenomenal record so far, there are still spots available to join the girl’s weightlifting team.  You won’t regret it.

This year, the weightlifting ladies believe they are going to come back even stronger and they encourage you to join or support them.

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