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Senior spirit is still burning

Even though the seniors did not come out victorious, they earned a gift: class spirit.
Alex McLemore
Seniors pull off an epic victory during the float and skit competion.

As a forever Falcon who has watched senior class after senior class win the Homecoming Spirit Competition– this is a hard day. And I am sure most seniors would agree.

I think of myself as someone with a lot of school spirit. I am one of the captains of the cheer team, and I am in the spirit club. I love Saint Stephen’s. I mean, I hope I would since I have been here for 13 going on 14 years.

The class of 2024 has a bit of a tough reputation. At times, we’ve been known as “mean” or “cliquey” and unfortunately, in spots, that has been proven true. As the Student Chaplain, I have seen it first-hand.

During Homecoming Week, people get competitive, and sometimes, it gets tense; however, I can confidently say that despite losing overall, we came together this week.

Success is not always measured by wins. Success can be about progress; success can be never giving up even when the tide is against you, and we certainly did not give up.

At the end of a tough HOCO week, when it seemed like we had no chance for redemption, the float-and-skit committee came up big. The senior crew worked on the weekends and came in this morning early to prepare, and in the end, they pulled off an awesome skit with an even more awesome float in front of the entire school.

Those seniors, led by Maddie Cox and Jayden Ribeiro de Sa, demonstrated perseverance, and they didn’t give up when they were down.  They showed the whole school what it means to be a Falcon.

I was so happy to see everyone unite and be so supportive of each other. So, if anything, good job seniors. We did our very best and as a member of our class, I am proud of us.

As bittersweet as this loss is, don’t be too discouraged; we have all year to gain more points. Even though this feels like the end, in reality, it is not. So keep a smile on your face and a good attitude.

In response to the results, congratulations juniors.

You were the class that, for the first time since 2007, beat the seniors in Homecoming Week. But try to keep one thing in mind: have some compassion today. There will be some seniors who won’t care at all about getting second; and there will be some seniors who are going to be a little upset.

To everyone, be kind. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

If you’re a senior, be a leader and congratulate a junior. If you’re a junior, go out of your way to be a little nicer to a senior. As for the freshman and sophomore, great effort. You did really well, and there are still two or three years for you to improve.

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Reese Williams, Associate Editor
Reese Williams is a senior and a  third year associate editor on the Gauntlet. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to music, musical theater and hanging out with friends. Her favorite color is pink, she has one dog, and she is on the Varsity Cheerleading squad. Her favorite musicians are Elton John, Baby Queen, Ben Platt, and Conan Grey.

Alex McLemore, Editor In Chief
Alex McLemore is a senior and a third-year gauntlet member. He valiantly leads the Gauntlet for the 2023-2024 school year as the Editor in Chief. While he is “off-duty,” he loves performing at various community theaters. In college, he hopes to pursue a BFA in Musical Theater. McLemore is also an avid movie junky. His favorite songs include anything Lana Del Ray, Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, and Be More by Stephen Sanchez. 


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