Gallery of the Day: ‘Water is Life’ Falcon Friends Event

The second Falcon Friends event prepared both the Upper School and Elementary students for the upcoming ‘Water is Life’ event.

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  • Seniors Wyatt Sevin and Ty Barker smile with their Fledgling Falcon friend.

  • Freshmen Julia Craig and Jackson Nealis look for photos with their lower school friend for their project.

  • Junior Allie Serterides smiles with her fifth-grade Falcon friend.

  • Freshman Maddie Castellucci and her Falcon friend continue with the project.

  • Junior Stacy Burgess and her fifth grade Falcon friend, Alya Abuhan.

  • The Senior Class looks upon the Water Is Life video played during the Falcon Friend event

  • Senior Demi Harms smiles with her fledgling Falcon friend, Grace Dokko.

  • The Freshman Class gathered in Mrs. Verges-Oller’s classroom to meet their Falcon friends.

  • Senior Genna Nucci smiles during the Water is Life Falcon Friend event.

  • The freshman class congregates in the Spanish room to take part in the event.

  • Mr. Forrester presents the Water is Life video to the Seniors and their Falcon friends.

  • Freshman Isabela Parker smiles as she works on the Water is Life Falcon friend event.

  • The seniors and their fledglings look upon the Water is Life Falcon friend event.

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