Voices In The Nest: John Affolter

Based off of the popular interview series “Humans of New York,” Voices in the Nest features some real life stories from some real life Falcons.


Captain Affolter triumphed over struggles in his youth to become a successful police officer.

Gavin Conner, Staff Writer

Captain John Affolter is the Director of Campus Security here at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School. Mr. Affolter grew up in Bradenton and worked for the Bradenton Police Department for twenty eight years, retiring three years ago as a Captain. During his career, he worked in every division and unit his department offered– He was a policeman, detective, administrator, sniper, etc.  You name it, Captain Affolter did it. He has four kids and two grandkids, and has been married for 38 years.

As part of our series “Voices in the Nest,” The Gauntlet asked Captain Affolter if there was anything that impacted his life growing up and this is what we found out.

“In 28 years of law enforcement there were hundreds of events in my life that were impactful. The most impactful event I have ever had in my life was when I was 16 in high school, my father passed away. I came home to my mom packed in a Uhaul truck and with my younger sisters, and said she was moving to DC. She asked if I wanted to go with her, and I said no. She drove off of the driveway and then I became homeless at 16. I had to get a full time job, I had to support myself, and I had to find a place to live. Things here were different years ago in the terms of CPS [Child Protective Services]. I finished high school and college, got married, then went to pursue my career.”

Captain Affolter’s story is an example of how so many diverse people and their unique stories have been brought together at Saint Stephen’s. I was truly inspired by Captain Affolter’s story, and I hope you are too.