Class of ’23 kicks-off year with Senior Sunrise

The Senior Sunrise was an event on the first day of school that brought the seniors together after their summer break.


Michael Konkol, Associate Editor

The first day of school was sent into motion with an early morning for the seniors, gathering together at 6:30am at the Moor Athletic Complex to celebrate their last-first day with the Senior Sunrise. The event included watching the sunrise, eating donuts, drinking coffee, and listening to music. The class of 2023 spent time reminiscing on the fun memories they have made so far. 

The Senior Sunrise event, new to Saint Stephen’s, was planned by the class officers and Sophia Creneti, the president of the class of 2023. Being an event for over eighty people, there had to be extensive planning.  

“A lot of preparation was involved with this event,” says Creneti. “Most of it was reaching out to parents and faculty for help, and making sure that we would have everything we needed to be successful.”

For many events during the school year that take this much planning, there is always the risk that something could go wrong. However, the Senior Sunrise was a major success.

Creneti felt that “as a whole, we felt like the event went as well as it possibly could.” There was a wonderful turn out for an early morning, and many staff and parents were able to help out.

The senior sunrise was held to give the class of 2023 a chance to not only be all together, but to do something unique, as an event like this has never been done by a class before. 

In May, seniors should look forward to the Senior Sunset, which will wrap up the end of the year.