World Cultures Day comes to the IS (Photo Gallery)

On Monday, the sixth graders hosted the annual World Cultures Day, a celebration of the many cultures that call SSES home. Enjoy the photo gallery.

Reese Williams, Associate Editor

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  • The Bick’s showed off their Mexican heritage with a poster that shares their cultural story.

  • The table spread of a plethora of Mexican memorabilia.

  • Polish culture was on display at World Cultures Day.

  • Laotian traditions were proudly shared at this display during the event.

  • An Italian student tells her family’s culture through stories to her fellow students.

  • A student-made poster that showcases her home, the Czech Republic.

  • A Guatemalan student shares her perspective on growing up in Guatemala.

  • The owners of a local Parisian style restaurant, Mademoiselle Paris, share their treasured delicacies with the Saint Stephen’s community.

  • An intermediate student shares his Brazilian cultural stories with his peers.

  • Students enjoy a game of checkers, one of the possible games available to explore during the event.

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