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Updating the (dress) code

Last year we were breaking the dress code, this year we’re updating it.
Sarabeth Wester
Being in dress code isn’t that hard, so why not follow it?

It’s a new school year which means new rules, new you, and a new dress code. Dress codes can make or break the school year. The code can determine the student’s level of professionalism, fashionability, and comfort.

With the beginning of the new school year, we welcome a new head of the school and what many would call an improved dress code. After years of consistent attire rules at Saint Stephen’s, student wishes of a less strict policy seems to have come true.

When Upper School Director Mr.Forrester was asked what prompted the changes, he remarked, ”We wanted to make it easy to enforce and easy to follow.”

This does not mean that students can show up in any old t-shirt or hole-riddled jeans to school.  But it does have some much-appreciated alterations.

The changes include: 

  1. Students can now wear athletic or academic teams, clubs, and advisory t-shirts any day of the week. 
  2. Students may now wear sandals if, and only if, they are presentable. Meaning no birkenstocks, flip flops, crocs, and slippers. 
  3. Also, understandably for the ladies, finding professional dresses that cover your shoulders for chapel and dress up days can be quite difficult. Due to this, the dress code now allows for cardigans or blazers to be worn in order to cover your shoulders.                 

    ”We wanted to make it easy to enforce and easy to follow.”  

    — Mr.Forrestor

Also, don’t forget that every Friday is a spirit day at Saint Stephens! On spirit days, students are highly encouraged to wear their class shirts. 

When talking with Mr. Forrester, it was clear he was very excited about these new changes. He made it clear that he is open to listening to your suggestions and opinions,so don’t be afraid to speak up. 

Lastly, Theo Frano, President of Student Council, helped in developing the required attire. He believes this will promote awareness for clubs, teams, and different activities and will boost Saint Stephen’s morale. 

Frano said “what we wanted to do was give students an option to, if they wanted, to break the (old) dress code to promote school spirit by having them dress down into Saint Stephen’s spirit school shirts.” 

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Laila Yavalar, Staff Writer
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