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Classes that slap

It’s no surprise that Saint Stephen’s has some great classes. Here are a few that really stand out.
George Frano
1st period English 10 Honors class in action writing an ICW.

Whether you’re a freshman, senior, or faculty member here at Saint Stephen’s, knowing your school and classes is essential. It’s important to recognize that all classes have their own unique value that they bring to the school. But, we took the opportunity to shine a spotlight on a few of the courses that slap and the qualities that make them stand out from the rest. 

Slap/Slaps (verb) /suh-la-p/ 1. Used to express something that is awesome.  Ex.: “This burrito slaps.” 

English 10 Honors

English 10 Honors is a class that people often sleep on due to English classes having a “boring” reputation. However, according to sophomore Tommy Baugher, “English 10 Honors slaps because of the collaboration and discussion.”

Baugher claims that the class slaps due to the student-led discussions that encourage students to be a part of the material. 

Sophomore Keymani Dillingham agrees: “Mr. Moore is very entertaining, and his teaching is very intriguing.” As shown by both students’ responses, English 10 Honors is a banger class that deserves some more love. 

As a member of the English 10 Honors class, I can agree with what both these students have to say. This class is one that keeps you engaged with every story, and allows for interesting discussion, which helps students connect with one another. In this class, discussion is essential and helpful for viewing a book or story from many angles. Mr. Moore teaches us that there are many sides to every story. 


Although being a small class in size, Theater is one that definitely slaps. Senior Cassidy Miller, a theater enthusiast, said: “For me, theater has been a passion since I was little. And any class that will provide me with an outlet to the world, that is theater, is very special to me.

Cassidy added that it isn’t just acting that makes this class slap. 

“In Mrs. In Elisha’s class, I get to explore multimedia backstage work as well as on-stage work. I have had several opportunities to explore choreography, directing, set design, Shakespeare, and so much more. I learn something new every day.” 

Sophomore Sawyer Girgis chimed in about the vibe of the theater here at SSES. 

Girgis said that it was a really chill class, “and it is a good break during my day.” 

To have a class in the middle of your day that is fun and interesting is one reason why Theater slaps.

Chemistry Honors 

While diving deep into the minds of famous chemists, and having the opportunity to light things on fire, I was able to find many people who feel Chemistry Honors slaps. In Chemistry Honors, you’re immersed in the vibrant and colorful world of experimentation, which includes utilizing fire to create a new experience in the classroom.

Whilst talking to sophomores Julie Harris, and Keymani Dillingham, they seemed to be an agreement that the teacher, Mrs. Charity Clough, “makes the class fun with jokes and interesting labs.”

They added that the labs include things that they have never had the chance to do before. 

As a student in the class myself, I have to agree. This year was our first opportunity to use Bunsen burners to set things alight. It was also our first opportunity to figure out the caloric value of cheese balls in a lab. Any class where we get access to a tub of cheeseballs and the transformative power of fire clearly slaps. 

AP Art 

Although made up of one student, she only has great things to say about AP Art. Senior Isabella Cassadevalls has had a long-standing career in the art department, taking just about ever course it has to offer.  Cassedvalls had only good things to say about the course. 

“It’s really fun because it’s such a small class, and I can have a really close relationship with Mrs. Thornton.”

Cassedevalls added that a close relationship with a teacher allows for an environment that doesn’t “stress us out because I can really relax and unwind.”

For these reasons, AP Art is a class that slaps, and if you are interested in art, you should start building your way toward it. 


In my continued quest to find out which classes slap, I was reminded of Geometry, taught by Mrs. Cotton. Geometry is a class primarily made up of sophomores and freshmen.

According to Hamish Robertson, a sophomore, this class slaps because of the teacher.

“Mrs. Cotton gives us a lot of fun activities that engage the whole class with what we are learning.”

Robertson’s thoughts are inspired by their current Birdhouse Project, where they are given measurements and are instructed to build their own Birdhouse. These masterpieces are later displayed in the Upper School Commons.

During a lunchtime discussion with classmate Matthew Bennetson, Bennetson told me, “I would love to take Geometry again; it was the first time that I was excited to go to math class.” 

I couldn’t agree more with Matthew, as Geometry was a good class to start my day. There was never a boring moment in that class proving that Geometry is a class that slaps. 

Many students have their own ideas of what classes slap. Through many interviews and polls, classes like AP Art, Geometry, Chemistry Honors, Theater, and English 10 Honors earned consistent high regard. So what are you waiting for?  Get into these slappers asappers. 

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About the Contributor
George Frano, Staff Writer
George Frano is a sophomore in his first year on the Gauntlet, as a staff writer. His favorite color is purple, he has a dog named Myca, and plays soccer and video games. His favorite movies are Asteroid City and the Seven Samurais.

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  • Leroy BarnidgeDec 7, 2023 at 7:54 pm

    GREAT Report, Frano. “Slaps” to all the classes and their attendees/teachers and also to you for highlighting just how good it can be !!! Submitted by a very proud Beak…….