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What it’s like to audition (and be in) a school play

A Grease rehearsal from the 2018 Spring musical. Pictured: Charlie Price (18'), Trystan Brown ('20), and Cam Vining ('20).
Olivia Elisha, Staff Writer November 9, 2018

Every year after the holiday break, Theater Director Mrs. Elisha holds auditions for the annual spring musical. This year, she decided to do things a little differently and hold auditions for The Addams...

Annual 8th grade Boston trip is highlight of the year

Eighth grade students gather among the leaves at Lexington Green for a group photo.
Jules Pung, Staff Writer October 23, 2018

Unlike Florida’s unrelenting streak of heat and humidity lasting well into the fall season, the city of Boston provided the eighth grade students with a refreshing change of climate (and scenery) from...

iPad or Laptop? Making the right choice can make a difference

Students dive into a lesson in Mrs. Gustavus Class on their iPads and laptops.
Jack Barnes, Staff Writer October 19, 2018

When you look around the Saint Stephen’s Upper School, you’ll notice that just about every student is carrying around either an iPad or laptop. All Falcons are required to have one of these learning...

Student victory in student-faculty basketball game is first in decades (photo gallery)

Student victory in student-faculty basketball game is first in decades (photo gallery)
Mark Gharby, News Editor October 18, 2018

On Thursday, the anticipated student-faculty game played out. The entire school, ranging from the pre-k students to the seniors, sat in the stands of the Hoagland Arena and watched as the students...

How to attend a college rep visit (the right way)

A collection of pennants from various universities is displayed on a wall of the college counseling office.
Jules Pung, Staff Writer October 11, 2018

As a sophomore who’s just begun the transition into utilizing college counseling, I realize how intimidating choosing a university can be. I mean, with hundreds of them across the country, how am I supposed...

Falcons take to Atlanta to fight cancer

Cate Mulqueen, '20, splashes her way to the finish line of the half-mile course.
Jules Pung, Staff Writer September 28, 2018

It’s midmorning in north Georgia. With the sun shining high overhead, hundreds of men, women and children wearing brightly colored bathing caps gather on the lake's edge, waiting for a horn to sound....

Looking to broaden your horizons? An independent study may be the way to go

Senior Amy Woodworth working on her independent study in 3D printing
Olivia Elisha, Staff Writer September 24, 2018

Many Falcons may not know it, but Saint Stephen's offers the option of an “independent study” to eligible students.  Eligible students must have a schedule with classes that can easily be moved...

Sophomore YouTuber takes the Fortnite community by storm

Alex DeStefano, Staff Writer September 19, 2018

Sophomore David Daigle recognizes that Fortnite Battle Royale is the jam. Fortnite is a new game that’s caught the attention of millions of teens around the world, and Daigle has a keen skill for the...

From quarks to cultures: New freshman history class makes its debut

Mrs. Paleczny gives guidelines for a powerpoint project to her World History 1 class.
Jules Pung, Staff Writer September 10, 2018

For as long as the students of the Upper School can remember, Western Civilizations has been the one and only history class offered to freshman.  The course has been a lynch-pin of the history curriculum...

SSES 101: Survival tips from a seasoned veteran

SSES 101: Survival tips from a seasoned veteran
Emily D'Amico, Managing Editor September 4, 2018

As every new school years kick into full swing, each student approaches the year with a different perspective. Many students start off the year getting everything done and turned in time, but then struggle...

Too early to play the stock market? Many Falcons are already doing it

Too early to play the stock market?  Many Falcons are already doing it
Jacob Whorf, Staff Writer May 1, 2018

Unfortunately, stock market investing is a medium of money making rather unfamiliar to most. However, nowadays investing is gaining popularity, with about 20-30 percent of our high school students...

Several iconic teachers to leave Upper School; new recruits to come!

Several iconic teachers to leave Upper School; new recruits to come!
Nicholas Mattheys, Staff Writer April 30, 2018

The end of the 2017-2018 school year is around the corner, and with it, several teachers are moving on to different endeavors or retiring. Whether these are close or far, Saint Stephen’s Upper School...

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