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Why January is the dumps, and I’m glad it’s over

January hosts some of the worst qualities a month can have, and the worst is, it feels like an eternity.
Ariana “Ari” Chapman
The image illustrates that even though january may feel like an eternity– I can assure you– the month will come and go just as any other.

January is the month after the best months of the year. 

In October, you get to trick or treat, throw parties, dress up, and decorate. November you get a break, you get to see family and friends. Then there’s December, the golden child, the favorite month. December has Christmas, holiday music, Winter Break, and even New Year’s Eve.  But after all the glory of the fall is over, then there’s January.

January’s like being forced to watch Arthur after watching Mean Girls… It just isn’t as exciting.

For one, January is the start of a new year, the month where everyone has to make their new year resolutions, which just end up stressing people out when they end up not doing them. 

January is also the month you have to go back to school after a long winter break; it signifies you have to wait a whole ‘nother 4 ½ months till the school year’s over. 

January is known for being a slow, unwelcome, tiring 30 days. Since we have nothing to look forward to, it can feel like it never ends.  It’s the red-headed step child of the months of the year. 

Even January birthdays are hated on. Since no one wants to buy you gifts and eat sweets after the holidays ended, the birthdays that fall during month number one are pretty blah. Some get combined gifts (for their birthday and Christmas) instead of having their own day to celebrate. 

Gabbrianna Trevino, one of my close friends, knows what I’m talking about.

“My birthday is on January 8th and because it’s so close to Christmas, my parents will get me gifts for Christmas and say that they count as my birthday presents as well, which can make my birthdays a bit disappointing,” Trevino said.

Money isn’t the only stressing subject during January. School can be hard with midterms just over, so the academic restart stresses a lot of students out. 

Even the movies and shows that come out during this unholy month are normally a dump of forgettable shows and films that they think won’t win awards during the award season at the end of the year.

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But maybe, just maybe, January isn’t all bad.

For example, there isn’t a lot to do, so in some ways, it’s the best month for relaxation. You can throw on your slippers, put on a cozy blanket and sit down by the fireplace and it’s likely there will be no one to bother you.

January has no holidays, which means you don’t have to  go out and celebrate, buy people gifts and see relatives you may or may not be a big fan of. If you live or travel somewhere colder, you could even build a snowman or have snowball fights.

Snow activities are always fun but even when there is no snow there are still plenty of non exhausting activities for this introverted month. Binging movies, changing up decor or even hanging out with your family and friends.

Even though some may enjoy the benefits of a quiet, introverted January, I’m personally still glad it’s over.  Now onto the spring.

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Ariana “Ari” Chapman
Ariana “Ari” Chapman, Staff Writer
Ariana Chapman is a freshman and just recently joined the gauntlet. She has a year of experience in marketing and another year in broadcasting. She's an inspiring staff writer and as her art improves hopefully joining the staff artists. Her favorite shows are The Umbrella Academy and Family Guy. Her hobbies include Art, writing, home design, fashion design, and gaming. Her favorite Artists are Tally Hall, The Happy Fits, The Dear Hunter and Lesley Gore. Ari’s favorite color is sage green and she has one dog named Mal.

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