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Say hello to Bye Bye Birdie

Join the cast for an exhilarating night of nostalgia and infectious energy as the Falcon playhouse presents ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’
Ava Rogers
Come out and support the cast of Bye Bye Birdie.

Stepping back in time to the nostalgic era of the 1950s, where rock and roll ruled the airwaves and teenage hysteria was at its peak, Bye Bye Birdie takes center stage at the Falcon Playhouse as a timeless musical that captures the essence of a generation. The show is set to open in March. 

The story revolves around Conrad Birdie (freshman Carter Hasbrouck), a rock and roll heartthrob who is drafted into the army. As a farewell gesture, his agent Albert Peterson (sophomore Riccardo Baretta) and his faithful secretary Rosie (senior Cassidy Miller), organize a publicity stunt where Conrad will give ‘One Last Kiss’ to a randomly chosen fan, creating chaos in not only her life, but her families, and the entire town. 

This classic musical explores the dynamics of fame, teenage rebellion, and the changing social landscape of the time period. 

The Gauntlet had the opportunity to speak with some of the cast and the director of the Spring show to get the inside scoop and learn more about the preparation leading up to performances. 

Q: What is your favorite part of being in the musical?

A:  (Ashley Black 11th) “I’ve been in all of the SSES shows since freshman year and the community that we have built has been my favorite part. I thoroughly enjoy dancing and singing along to all of the songs. It has brought out my inner love for Elvis. The memories we’ve made and the friendships we’ve built are truly what drives the show.”

Q: How do you relate to your character? 

A: (Evie Baugher 12th) “I relate to my character in the sense that we share similar tendencies; for example, Mae Peterson is very controlling, but it is out of the love in her heart for her son Albert. Mae tries to do everything in her power to make the people that matter to her happy, a habit I find myself doing often. Another character trait of Mae’s is her very dry sense of humor, which I am super excited to emulate onstage.”

Q: How do you get into character before rehearsal or a performance? 

A: (Cassidy Miller 12th) “I definitely like looking at the little details in the script such as actions, verbage, or anything else related to physicality. I also do a lot of research beforehand looking up specific character traits and taking note of other people’s performance of that character.”

Q: Why should people come see this show? 

A: (Mrs. Elisha) “Bye Bye Birdie is a classic musical that won a Tony in 196, and then became a hit movie in 1963. This musical is a must see.  Thisshow really gives you a taste of what life was like during the 1960s.  The songs are catchy. We have a talented cast of middle and high school students who will truly entertain you.”

Q: What are you looking forward to during this production?

A: (Mrs. Elisha) “I am looking forward to watching the cast continue to become more comfortable with one another. I love watching them grow into the characters they are given. It’s really fun creating the story from nothing to something. We have a lot of work to do before opening night, but it is always an enjoyable journey getting there.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like the SSES community to know about this show?

A: (Mrs. Elisha) “A lot of work goes into putting a production together.  It couldn’t happen without our musical directors Ms. Hambrick and Ms. Jurgensen, our assistant director Ms. Olivia, our costumer Mrs. Boothby, and all the parents and students who help put the set together.” 

Mark your calendars and join us for toe-tapping performances running March 14th-16th, and 19th at 6pm.  There will also be two additional shows on the 21st one at 4pm and one at 7pm. A spectacular lineup of dates that promise to turn your evenings into unforgettable musical memories.


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