Top hidden talents on campus

It would be a crime to keep all of these Falcons’ skills to ourselves. Without further adieu, here are the greatest Saint Stephen’s has ever seen.


Jacob Whorf

Senior Alyssa Nucci and Sophomore Ansley Morris taco their tongues.

Jacob Whorf, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: The following piece is humorous in nature.  Have fun!

Saint Stephen’s is known as nothing short of an excellent school– both academically and athletically. Thus, as you can imagine, the talents from the student body, both hidden and overt, can be truly shocking to the soul. 

With that in mind, your fearless writer went on an arduous, lengthy quest to find the most talented among us. 

Upon much research (and many laborious hours of conversation), we’ve settled on some of the greatest abilities our student body has to offer.

Number 6: 

Kicking off the list, senior Chiara Pogacic can roll her shoulders completely around while holding her hands together. Who else do you know that can drop jaws with a trick like this?

Number 5: 

This next outstanding talent is a tie. Saint Stephen’s allows students from all grades to work and socialize together as one happy family. This duo made up of senior Alyssa Nucci and sophomore Ansley Morris shares the unique ability of taco-ing their tongues. A Saint Stephen’s classic. 

Number 4: 

Also truly remarkable, senior Aiden Kovich is able to make a “kazoo” sound with his mouth. He elegantly puts his front teeth on his bottom lip and blows a sweet sound to serenade the halls. 

Number 3: 

This next talent will do nothing short of amaze the watchful eye. Is that Puff the Magic Dragon? Nope. It’s sophomore Cole Rogers, who can magically blow smoke out of his mouth. Crazy stuff. 

Number 2:

An athletic act of grace. Maybe some of our students are wasting their time with their studies when they should be traveling the world performing. Sophomore Tyler Kadivar can clasp his hands together forming a maze of arms and his head. It’s a sight to see. Check out the gallery below to see. 

Number 1: 

This one brings home the show. We have a student who can do something that most consider impossible… Senior Kate Folkens can lick her elbow. Name something more breath-taking…

I’ll wait. 

In all seriousness, our Saint Stephen’s community is a melting pot of skills and talents. We are surrounded by students and faculty that work extremely hard towards their goals, whether it’s getting good grades, doing well in athletics, or leaving an impact on the rest of us.  But it’s hard to find talents that compare to these.

Go Falcons!

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  • Senior Alyssa Nucci and Sophomore Ansley Morris taco their tongues.

  • Senior Kate Folkens licks her elbow

  • Senior Aiden Kovich who can make a kazoo sound with his mouth

  • Sophomore Tyler Kadivar clasps his hands together

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