Oh, the places we’ll go

With IQ selections due October 4th, there's a lot to think about as you plan for the big week in May. Fill yourself in on all the options, and details, so you're ready to choose.

Evanthia Stirou, Staff Writer

IQ (Interim Quest) week is the last week of school, when students can choose between various “exploratory learning” activities that they would like to take part in for the entire week.

It is an amazing opportunity, during which students learn not only about new cultures, but they also have the chance to get to know new people. This year, there are a few new and fun additions to IQ week, so get ready to have a great time doing whatever one you choose and bonding with your fellow peers!

Down below you’ll find a list of all the activities and their descriptions to help you decide what path you’ll go down for IQ week!




This trip is definitely one of the more unique options. Here, you get a once in a lifetime chance to visit an area you’ve only ever seen on National Geographic Wild.

During this 9 day trip you will…


— Spend 1 ½ days in Quito Ecuador 

—See cultural heritage sites 

—Visit a famous plaza 

—Visit a monastery in Quito 

—Visit the equator 

AT GALAPAGOS ISLANDS (Isabela, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal Islands)

—Visit the Charles Darwin research center

—Go Snorkeling

—Go Hiking

—Visit lava tunnels & inlets 

—Visit the Twin Craters 

—Seeing the biodiversity of the animals in the Galapagos 

—See how ponchos are made


Get a feel, and taste, of Spain! Get to know the culture up close and personal and get a chance to hone your Spanish skills!

In Spain you will…

—Start your journey in Madrid and Andalucia

—Visit the Prado Museum (Art)

—Insiders tour of Real Madrid soccer stadium 

—Visit 3 UNESCO world heritage sites, including the Cathedral of Seville, the 3rd largest cathedral in the world

—Visit a variety of palaces 

—Visit the most important mosque west of Mecca 

—Visit river from where Columbus sailed to the new world

—Go sightseeing and shopping on your own

—Additional coursework is available for students to receive college credit for this trip


Bond with the local Argentinian students at our sister school and see how much you share in common!

In Argentina you will…

—Visit our sister school, Colegio Nacional de Monserrat, in Córdoba

—Learn about the history of the school building and see their museum

—Stay with a welcoming Argentinian family

—Attend specially selected classes, possibly including a fencing class

—Visit historical areas and towns

—Get to know your host family and the people in their lives


Take a break from learning for a week and teach your own set of students instead! This is a great way to provide for the community and have some fun!

In the Dominican Republic you will…

—Located in Monte Cristi

—Have a taste of the traditional foods of the Dominican Republic 

—Teach English to children at schools

—You will receive 40 community service hours


Get you hands dirty in Louisiana and make a difference in people’s lives. Help to repair homes affected by hurricane Katrina and return these homes to their rightful owners who are eager to see them restored once again.

In Louisiana you will…

—Community service in Louisiana (New Orleans)

—Help repair houses destroyed by hurricane Katrina 

—It will involve lots of labor, such as painting or construction

—Sightseeing Louisiana and getting to know the culture. You’ll visit Tulane and Loyola, the French Quarter, and Canal Street

—Receive 40 community service hours


Burn some calories during your hike on the Appalachian trail. Get a more hands on, or should we say, leg on, approach to enjoying the wilderness and stepping away from society for a week.

In West Virginia you will..

—Hike in sections on the Appalachian trail, starting from Northern Georgia 

—All your supplies will be in a backpack which your will carry with you on your hike 

—Sleep under the stars ____________________________________________________________________________

Forms for these trips are located outside Mrs Conn’s office; a parents signature is required



Learn how to scuba dive so you can swim like a fish!

During the scuba certification you will..

—Spend a few days at GT bray pool practicing and learning new skills 

—Instructors will take you to the beach to practice these skills and learn how to scuba dive 

—Get on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico putting your skills to use

—Completion of an online course is required prior to the start of IQ week


Between learning how to make some delicious food, relaxing and getting rid of your aggression, this IQ activity is definitely about self maintenance and meeting some new people!

During this IQ week you will…

—Have morning nutrition class followed by instruction by professional chefs at the Publix Cooking School and a few local restaurants.

—Alternate between yoga and kickboxing in the afternoon.


Get to know Florida even more than you already do! Take advantage of the attractions you never knew you had access to.

During this IQ activity you will..

—Go on a mixture of day trips from Bradenton and cabin camping

—Learn how railroads, automobiles, and air conditioning changed this area

—Take field trips to visit local wildlife, participate in a ghost tour, watch sponge diving, meet mermaids,

—Eat local seafood, and get out in nature.

—Get to know the area better and discover all the best secret spots


This IQ week activity is a great way to see what colleges you’d like to go to that are more close to home!

During this IQ week you will…

—Visit colleges in Florida and expand your options


Learn how to save some lives during this IQ week!

During this week you will…

—Learn how to be a lifeguard, this also allows you to start working as a guard over the summer


Stretch your creativity muscles during this IQ week. Learn how to make various arts and crafts while enjoying the company of your fellow peers.

During this week you will…

—Select and create miniature art projects that will most likely involve polymer clay methods, some faux mosaic work, some fiber works, and a bit of tiny painting. 

—Jewelry from recycled materials, trade beads, and other materials may be used.


Get ready for the water is life conference during this IQ week and you might even get a chance to be a part of it!

During this week you will…

—Help prepare for the water is life conference 

—You can also help make decisions about the conference itself

—If you want to join the conference, you would be at the top of the list


Help to teach young children during this IQ week!

During this IQ week…

—Tutor students from pre-K to fourth grade and earn 35 service hours


Spend time with these young ones and you might be able to shape the future!

During this IQ week you will…

—Help out at the Visible Men Academy school

—Get 40 community service hours


See what jobs you’d like to do during this IQ week!

During this IQ week you will…

—Work in a job that interests you and get a feel for what your aspirations are


IQ Week sign up sheets are due to Mrs. Conn next Friday, October 4th.