Top Features of 2018

Oh the Feature. The longform, well-crafted pieces that give flesh to any good publication. Relive 2018 by browsing the top features of the year.


Feature stories are carefully crafted, well researched “longform” articles that can be read at any time of year and they always feel relevant. Features are the mainstay of good publications; they are the reasons readers come back.

Some of The Gauntlet’s Features this year were selected for Best of SNO (School Newspapers Online), the largest online high school newspaper platform. These SSES-based articles reached a national audience.

The editorial staff took a look back and compiled this highlight reel of the best feature pieces of 2018.  Enjoy!

  • A week without cell phones: a recap of Saint Stephen’s “social experiment”
  • Under the sea: Marine Science program takes SSES to next level
  • From quarks to cultures: New freshman history class makes its debut
  • Falcons take to Atlanta to fight cancer
  • Becoming a teacher: The story of Mr. Yanelli