The bond of the baseball team


Coach Brandon Mand

Matthew Talbot, Bryce Griggs, Luke Donley and Coach Mand’s nephew, Camden

Jackson Clark, Staff Writer

If you know anything about the community formed by a team atmosphere, you probably know that they can be like families, bonded together through unique traditions. The Saint Stephen’s baseball team is no exception. 

I spoke with senior baseball captain Matthew Talbot about what traditions our Falcons Baseball team have developed, and he said that “the baseball team here has so many traditions. A few of the team’s favorites are the Kangaroo court, the coach’s Nephew, Flowering, Fungo Golf, and Gecko’s after home game wins.” 

The favorite tradition for the Falcon baseball team is a spin on the traditional bat boy. Many teams use a player, manager, or even a dog, but our Falcons do something even cuter. 

Coach Brandon Mand’s nephew, Camden, puts on an oversized helmet and runs out to get the bats. The team loves this one because it’s inclusive of everyone, not just the players.

The “Kangaroo Court” is very unique to the Falcon baseball team. Once again, captain Matthew Talbot shared the inside scoop with us. “The Kangaroo court is a punishment system to hold players accountable.” An example of the court in action is that if you get caught holding or using a lacrosse stick or doing something else, you can be fined at a meeting held at the end of the season.

Each baseball player has a nickname, too. Talbot is “Baby Bot.” Bryce Griggs is “DeeDee” and Jackson Riffe is “Tulip.” These nicknames, discovered and changed over time, give life to the gentle ribbings the team shouts as they support their players at the plate.

The last tradition we’re going to talk about is the regular trip to Gecko’s after every home game. Whether they win or lose, the team goes to Gecko’s for a team meal. The food is great, and the team loves it. 

These traditions may seem silly, especially to those outside the team, but these small practices bond them closer together, both on and off the field, but they’re still a work in progress.

However, Falcon baseball needs support not just from those on the team, but from Falcon fans as well. Falcons can find information and tickets through the schedule on Ticket Spicket here.