College basketball does not disappoint fans and bracket participants

Not only do we have a winner of the Gauntlet March Madness contest, but we have two.


Phil Roeder

The 2022 champions Kansas Jayhawks warming up in the 2016 D1 championship.

Jacob Gekht, Staff Writer

This year’s March Madness once again proves that college basketball’s D1 tournament is exciting, unpredictable, and most definitely one of the greatest sports competitions available to watch. With many upsets ruining the runs of Gonzaga, Auburn, Kentucky, and this year’s tournament has failed to disappoint.

Better yet, the tournament shows that small schools such as Providence College and Saint Peter’s University, with significantly less funding, can still make deep runs in the tournament. While some sports offer underdog wins and stunning upsets. The frequency of miracle tournament runs and upsets is significantly higher in college basketball than in many other sports.

Along with the tournament, the official Gauntlet March Madness contest also has a historic tie. With that, we’d like to congratulate both Maxine Mandt and Mason Dillingham on both winning the Gauntlet bracket challenge.