Falcon Spotlight: Jamie Springstead

Senior Jamie Springstead leaves her name in the record books as she shatters the All-Time Leading Scorer record.



Jamie Springstead shoots her record breaking free throw. Photo taken by Bella Rosa.

Nikole Cosentino, Social Media Director

You may have heard the rumors floating around campus that Jamie Springstead was about to break the record for the All-Time Leading Scorer in Saint Stephen’s basketball history. Well, I’m here to confirm that the rumors are true. 

At the start of the game against Patel High School, Springstead was 5 points away from breaking the school record. She not only has scored more points than any female basketball player in school history, but she beat the boys record too. 

Jamie started her basketball journey at the YMCA, playing since she was about 6 years old. “My brothers were always playing sports so that made me want to play too. They taught me how to be competitive,” says Springstead. She has been playing on the Saint Stephen’s varsity girls basketball team since the 6th grade. Over the years, Jamie has played almost every position including point guard, shooting guard, and even a forward. She may only be 5’7, but she plays like she is 6’4. 

Seven years later and our little 6th grader isn’t so little anymore. She now holds the title of the best basketball player in school history, including the title of All-Time Leading Scorer. She plans to continue to play basketball at the next level at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois. Springstead “would like to thank her coaches, teammates, family, and her brothers for making her strong both on and off of the court because she couldn’t have done it without them.”

Not only did Jamie break the school record, but Springstead still has five to seven more games left of her senior season. Averaging over 17.25 points per game this season, Springstead will set the record so high, nobody will be able to scratch the surface of her record, leaving it untouchable. 

To see Jamie Springstead’s record-breaking game vs Patel High School, check out the video above created by GoodShotAnt.