Falcon girls volleyball storms back in 5-set thriller

The volleyball team never expected to make it past their first district match, but now they’re headed to the district semis.


Maryann Boehm

Lady Falcons after their victory vs Evangelical Christian School

Nikole Cosentino, Social Media Director and Staff Writer

Over the College Weekend, the varsity volleyball team had anything but a break. On Monday, they traveled down to Fort Myers to play in their first district game of the season against Evangelical Christian School Sentinels. This game was an absolute thriller.

They battled through the first four sets. The Falcons won sets one and four while the Sentinels took sets two and three. The score was now even, but which team would come out on top and move on to the district semi-finals?

“I thought we were going to lose,” says Maddy Boehm, “but I could tell that we had a lot of energy and we were all really hype, so I had hope. Deep down I didn’t think we were going to win and none of the seniors wanted it to be our last game. We used that as our motivation to win.” It would all come down to who wanted it more, the Sentinels or the Falcons.

The second coin flip went the Falcons’ way, gaining the advantage of serving first at the start of the fifth set, which only goes to 15 points instead of 25, like previous sets. The Falcons struggled to match the intensity of the Sentinels in the final set, causing them to be down 9-14. One more point and the Sentinels move on to play Bradenton Christian School on Tuesday night and send the Falcons back on a long ride home with a great loss.

However, the Falcons never lost faith. The bench never lost its hype, the crowd never stopped cheering, and the game was definitely not over yet.

The girls stormed back and tied the match 16-16, then 17-17, then 18-18, and finally the Falcons pulled away, winning the game in the fifth set 20-18.

Suffice it to say, the entire gym went crazy. Fans were roaring, teammates were cheering, and as for the Sentinels, their season had ended.

The Falcons will now face Bradenton Christian School in the district semi-finals on Tuesday night (10/19/21) at Bradenton Christian School. Come out to see your Lady Falcons and don’t forget to green out!

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  • Falcons during their lineup check at the beginning of the third set.

  • Falcons exiting court after winning the first set.

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