Here’s what’s happening with fall sports

How will Saint Stephen’s handle sports in the wake of the Coronavirus?


Since the start of quarantines and the idea of school shutdowns began last year, the sports world has been held in limbo. Saint Stephen’s responded in late 2019 by cutting all of their sports seasons short, but the school plans to go ahead with a modified athletic schedule this school year.

That being said, many changes have been made as a reaction to the virus.  “We are starting a little later,” confirmed Associate Athletic Director Dan Krone in regard to the later start this August. He noted the new restrictions, explaining that players would have to wear masks and socially distance when they’re not practicing.

Krone said that students would not have to wear masks while playing their sports, and for locker rooms, students will have to enter them in separate waves of groups.

“For [game] crowds, it will be immediate family only,” Mr. Krone said regarding whether or not audiences would be invited to attend games. He added that there might be certain games where seniors would be allowed to watch as well.  Football games will be live-streamed via The Gauntlet’s Facebook site for those that can’t make it in person.

Here’s a preview of how the individual sports will look this year.


For football, varsity has already begun practicing at the Moore Athletic Complex as of August 24th. It is open for all 9th to 12th graders, although certain 8th graders with prior football experience may be allowed to participate as well. AJ Brown serves as the football head coach. The Fall season’s football usually has 10 games, but because of the Coronavirus, this season’s team will only participate in five.


Middle school, junior varsity, and varsity golf practice have all begun as of August 24th at the River Club Golf Course. The varsity and junior varsity teams will be open for 6th to 12th graders, while middle school golf will be open to 6th to 8th graders. All rosters will consist of eight players who must be available for practices and matches. Judy Carlson serves as the golf head boys coach, while Letita Zilar serves as the golf head girls coach.


Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball practice began its practice at the gymnasium on August 24th and it is open for anyone between 6th and 12th grade, with Juan Garcia serving as the volleyball head coach. Middle School Volleyball has been moved to the Spring season and will not begin until next year.


The junior varsity and varsity swim teams both began their practices at the GT Bray park pool on August 24th, and are open to all 6th to 12th graders. The swimming teams’ head coach is Sheri Hart. Although practice has begun, according to Mr. Krone, Saint Stephen’s has not yet worked out how to handle the meets, stating that they might be virtual or dual meets.

Although the sports seasons will be different for safety reasons, their presence at all is an improvement from last year. “I think they’re just happy to be back,” Krone said.