Cheerleading and football senior night, and the first play-off game

This year's football and cheerleading senior night is scheduled for the first playoff game of the football season, one that the seniors will never forget.

Emily D'Amico, Managing Editor

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Senior year can be incredibly stressful, from college applications to making sure all the graduation requirements have been met. One of those requirements is that a student participates in at least two athletic seasons.

Senior Noah LaBelle gets ready for the ensuing play.

Every year, teams designate a game to recognize the seniors who are a part of the team. Teams (and fans) will make posters to cheer on the seniors, and at some point, either before the game or during half-time, various facts about the seniors will be announced, including where they’re planning on going to college, what they’re planning on studying, and what other clubs they’ve participated in during their time in the Upper School.

This year, the football team and cheerleading squad will have their senior night on October 26th, the first playoff game of the football season.

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