Aly’s Column: Spreading love at SSES

Curious about how the Upper School celebrates Valentine’s Day? We have everything from Mr. Whelan’s chocolate fountain to singing Student Council members.


Alyson Folkens

Mr. Whelan helped his advisory get into a loving mood on Monday with his chocolate fountain.

Alyson Folkens, Staff Writer

It’s Valentine’s Day season and the students of Saint Stephen’s are getting in the spirit. For the past week, the Student Council has been selling candy grams, carnations, and even the chance for a Student Council member to sing a song to the person of their choice. 

Couples are sending poems to each other, and friends are sending cute notes or funny songs. Some people are even blushing over a secret admirer sending some nice words and a flower. Walking down the hallway hearing Student Council President Jackson Nealis singing his heart out always sets the mood for Valentine’s Day. 

This year, there were even a lot of advisories that celebrated Valentine’s Day with a party. After advisory on Monday, everyone was walking around with handfuls of candy and small notes, some even had packs of iconic Valentine’s Day candies like heart candies and pink peeps. 

For his advisory, Mr. Whelan even brought out his famous chocolate fountain for his advisories to enjoy along with sweet treats like marshmallows and bananas. 

Though Valentine’s Day is notorious for couples, it also celebrates love shared between friends and I feel Saint Stephen’s does a great job of showing that. It warms my heart to see students giving their friends gifts like chocolate and teddy bears. 

Love can be shared in all different types of ways, which is part of what makes the Upper School so nice during this season. Seeing people share love through advisory parties, gifts, and even songs is always something I look forward to every year. 

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