Homecoming Week: what you need to know

Homecoming week is fast approaching and we’re here to get you up to speed.


Hailey Spolarich

The 2019 Pep Rally, featuring the Senior class performing a pirate inspired scene with their float.

Jackson Nealis, Editor in Chief

Last Wednesday at assembly, the Student Council rolled out this year’s Homecoming theme: Through the Ages. Throughout Homecoming Week, from October 3 to October 7, students will be engaged in a week full of exciting events and flamboyant costumes.

Homecoming Week is a distinct tradition at Saint Stephen’s. Students and faculty kick off the year by building competitive bonds within and among the four classes. And these competitions are important: performance in these events is judged and the winning grades earn spirit points. The grade with the most points wins Spirit Week, and as a result, earns a major advantage in the year-long spirit competition.

So with these stakes in mind, and as class preparation meetings start in force this week, let’s go day by day so you have all you need to know for another great Homecoming.

Homecoming starts off on Monday under the day-theme of “Long, Long Ago.” A key aspect of Homecoming is coming to school in costumes. For day one, come dressed as anything from prehistory. Think dinosaurs or cavemen. The grade with the most percentage of students dressed up earns 20 spirit points, and the best dressed boy and girl earn an additional 10 for their classes. This will be the last day for any homecoming preparation. 

Speaking of preparation, Homecoming’s significance means that grades are starting to get ready. Led by class officers, any student can and should sign up to participate in up to two events, explained next. Class Officers should communicate with their grades regarding practice times and coordinate the efforts for events.

The main events begin Tuesday with a day-theme of “Age of Classics” with the key event of the Relay Race. Modeled after the Olympics, students will compete in wacky challenges on the stadium field like piggyback rides and running with an egg on a spoon. Grades send 14 participants to take part. Students should dress up to earn the same point incentives as before.

Now Seniors participate in last year’s relay race during Homecoming week. (Jackson Nealis)

For Wednesday’s event, the Upper School Capture the Flag Joust will be held on Turner Field. All four grades will participate in a battle for domination. 14 players can participate. Wednesday’s day-theme is the “Middle Ages” and students should dress up to earn additional spirit points

Thursday culminates with two highly anticipated events. First, students will hang their banners, featuring the day-theme of “Masterpieces through the Ages and then join together on the field for the Dance Off. The Dance Off is the student choreographed dance and lip synch competition that dazzles parents and students alike. Classes have a high standard to reach, as according to Sophia Creneti, president of the Senior class, the Seniors “always have a few tricks up their sleeves.”

Thursday’s theme is the “Beats Through the Ages,” and students should dress up according to their favorite musical era to earn additional spirit points.

Carmella Stacy and Scout Erby duet in the Freshman Dance-Off. (Sophia Berry)

Finally on Friday, students will gather in the gym for the Homecoming Pep Rally. Each class’s banner will be revealed to the entire school that day. The grades will prepare a theme-related float (on a wooden dolly) and present a skit matching the day-theme “Age of Adventure.” The pep rally is watched by the whole school and the skit is the best way for classes to stand out. Finally, the whole class, wearing their new spirit shirts, will give a short cheer unleashing their class pride. At the end of the pep rally, the hype for a new school year will crescendo.

Because of the workload, Homecoming preparation often produces stress within classes, but the most important part of Homecoming is having fun. Participating in the events, cheering the teams on at the Homecoming Game on Friday and attending during the Homecoming Dance on Saturday builds memories many Falcons never forget. 

Last year’s Homecoming was marked by conflict and unsportsmanlike behavior and the Student Council is dedicated to making sure Homecoming stays fun. For clarity, the Council has published all the rules for the events and the scoring rubrics, available here. Let’s build Falcon Spirit as Homecoming week takes us Through the Ages.