A reminder to take a minute to be present

Everyone’s life gets a little overwhelming at times. Remembering when to take a break and re-charge is crucial.


Google- Creative Commons

A stop sign to represent the need to realize that it might be time to take a break.

Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor

What homework is due tomorrow? What should I pack for my trip on Friday? Where am I going to college? What if I do badly on my test tomorrow? Did I say the wrong thing to that one person today? These sorts of questions, plus hundreds more, go through my mind on a daily basis. And whether the questions are similar or different, I’m guessing your mind is consumed by inquiries like these too.

The problem doesn’t lie in the fact that you are planning ahead, the issue is that as long as you are thinking about the past and the future, you aren’t being present.

Being present in a world of endless distractions is a challenging thing to do. Being in the moment can mean different things to different people. One of the biggest things you can do to remain in the ‘here and the now’ is to be alone with nothing but yourself; your thoughts, feelings, fears, etc.

Spending time with yourself isn’t always the most entertaining, enjoyable, or comfortable thing. 

And why would you choose to do something that is less amusing when there are things like movies, apps, other people, and activities that would bring you amusement? Well, the reason is that it’s an important part of getting to know yourself. And like Glennon Doyle said, “Me and myself: We are til death do us part.” 

A problem that goes along with not being fully present is not valuing the things that bring you happiness in life.

We take so many things for granted. We are always focusing so much on what’s next to come in our lives that we forget about the things that are already there.

A line I’ve said over and over to myself is “After blank happens, I’ll be blank.”

For example: “After I get my braces off, I’ll be prettier.”

  • “After I get my license, I’ll be more independent”
  • “After I get good grades, I’ll feel proud of myself”
  • “After I-…..”  You get the point.

One I’ve said recently is– “After I get to college, I’ll be truly happy.” 

The common denominator in all of these statements is that they all pertain to the future. 

Having this sort of mindset, the one where you can’t find beauty within yourself and your life at the moment and always feel like you need more and more things to eventually be happy, won’t actually bring you happiness.

And as a consequence, you’ll miss out on the wonderful things that are right in front of you.

Life moves pretty fast, so it’s important to stop once in a while and see what’s right in front of us. Be present with yourself, be present with the world, and be present with the people around you.