Middle School Dance photo gallery

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  • Eight grade students capture the night at the photo booth

  • These eighth grade boys rock the prop section with these crazy hats

  • Of course, it’s middle school: too cool for school.

  • 8th grade friend groups were able to enjoy the night, laughing, talking, and dancing the night away.

  • Couple of besties! The MS dance is a time for friends to bond.

  • Matching colors! This year, fashion was at its finest, with a variety of styles gracing the commons.

  • Tada! This photo captures the mood of the night.

  • Funny faces. The photo booth garnered quite the gathering, as seen here.

  • Best friends for life!

  • Say, “Cheese!”

  • Friends for life!

  • One, two, three, “Smile!”

  • Before the great event, a set-up crew made the commons into a proper dance hall..

  • And up goes the photo booth!

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*The following story was contributed by our middle school journalism team*

On Friday, January 24th after school from 7-9 PM, an awesome middle school dance took place.  The dance was open to middle schoolers only and had plenty of snacks and music.

Our new 8th-grade history teacher, Ms. Houston, served as DJ for the dance; she played tons of new, cool music.

Seventh-grader Amari Clark said, “The music at the middle school dance was very hip and cool.”

Not only was the music a hit, but according to Layla Smith, the food was very tasty.

Eighth-grader Betsy Neal added that the food was “delicious.”

The photo booth, manned by eighth-grader Darian Ewing, was everyone’s favorite. Many students either shared their photos, posted them, or saved them.

My take on the dance was that it was exciting and a great way to hang out with friends. The food was good, the music was super popular, and the photo booth was a great way to get pictures. I will definitely go again next year.