The Green and Gold Express

Breaking news! A new merchandise store recently opened up within the middle school: The Green and Gold Express. Discover how the Personal Finance innovation class made this dream become a reality.

The Green and Gold Express and 1st Period Personal Finance serving the middle school on February 12th, the first day of business.

The Green and Gold Express and 1st Period Personal Finance serving the middle school on February 12th, the first day of business.

*The following story was authored by our middle school journalism team*

Have you ever been hungry during break because you forgot your snack? Or shown up to class and realized you don’t have a pencil? Or arrived at school and realized you left your belt at home? Well, on Wednesday, February 12th, Mrs. Rappold and her 1st-period Personal Finance innovation class opened a school store in the Middle School for you to buy all of your school necessities.

The group has coined the store The Green and Gold Express.

Thanks to Dr. Erby, the school store was loaned $200 to get up and running. With this $200, Mrs. Rappold will purchase the products to be sold and the class will decide a selling price per item.

The items will be sold for slightly more than the purchase price so we can make a profit. After a profit of $200 has been made, the store will then pay back Dr. Erby and the school.

Once the items are sold out or running low, the rest of the profit money will be used to buy new supplies. As we sell more and more products, the money that is raised will be put towards programs in the Middle School.

The Green and Gold Express is located upstairs in the MS closet between Mr. Haakman and Senor Wolcott’s classrooms. The store is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7:45-8:15, every day at break from 9:25-9:35, with deliveries during study hall.

The innovation class surveyed many Middle School students to find out the best products to sell. The results include items like snacks, fun school supplies, iPad/phone chargers, stress toys and much more for reasonable, affordable prices. The students in 1st period Personal Finance will share the responsibility of running the store, along with the help of Mrs. Rappold.

Samantha Gentle is a student in this innovation who will be helping with the store.

In an interview Gentle said, “I am excited to run the store and take orders from my classmates.’’

8th grader Olivia Seidensticker, a student who purchased snacks from the Green and Gold Express the first day it opened, said, “I think it’s really cool how I can buy all of the different things in one place.”

Now that our Middle School has a one-stop-shop: The Green and Gold express, students are prepared and eager to start their school day.