Christmas spirit competition photo gallery

The annual Christmas spirit competition consisted of two events: timed ginger bread house building and the candy cane competition.

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  • The freshman gave it their all constructing their gingerbread house.

  • Freshman Lilia Norwood carried the freshman in the candy cane spirit competition.

  • Junior Taylor Vara comes from all angles attempting to grab candy canes.

  • The junior class struggled to keep up with the seniors, rushing to complete it in time.

  • The sophomores leisurely competed, having a relaxed attitude the whole competition.

  • Senior Trystan Brown smiles for the camera while helping to build the senior's "ginger mansion."

  • Freshman Tori Walter laughs while getting her hands dirty in the competition.

  • The senior's "ginger mansion" was a success, tying them for first place with the juniors.

  • The junior's traditional styled house included a ginger crumble yard and a gummy pathway.

  • The sophomore house, unfortunately, collapsed towards the end of the competition, but they managed to put together a last-minute creation.

  • The freshman house was elegant with a high roof decorated with gummies.

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