Spirit week day 5 photo gallery: Float and Skit

The Disney-themed floats and skits were presented in front of the entire school, having everyone on their feet cheering and chanting.

Kate Folkens, Staff Writer

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  • The freshman had an impressive float depicting a mystical castle.

  • The freshman enacted a condensed version of Cinderella in their skit, trying on a Crock instead of a glass slipper.

  • The sophomores perform their skit, mirroring Disney's Cars 1.

  • The sophomore's skit was a different approach than other years; instead of putting down the other grades, they complimented them and helped the seniors finish first in their race.

  • The sophomores cheer focused on complimenting the other grades, this ultimately helped them to win over the judges and get first place.

  • The juniors represented the other grades with girls wearing trash bags and crawling on the floor representing the other grades, this was a much different approach than the sophomores.

  • Junior Sully Maley rides off in his carriage after their skit finishes.

  • Junior Diarmuid Harkin rams into the junior crowd wearing a blown up green ball, literally knocking down the competition.

  • The senior float included a pirate ship with the skit including many "Pirates of the Caribbean" vibes.

  • The cheerleaders lead the crowd in the iconic St. Stephen's "roller coaster," making the whole crowd laugh.

  • The cheerleaders perform their "go Falcons" cheer, as the rest of the school repeated it back to them.

  • The crowd cheered on the cheerleaders as they performed their cheer.

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