Homecoming week day 4 photo gallery: Basketball Game

The basketball game brought an exciting addition to homecoming week, with the faculty taking the win.

Noelle Bencie, Associate Editor

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  • Senior Cam Vining leads his team in stretches.

  • Seniors Julian Sedillo, Caden Milburn, and Tyler Wade warm up for the game.

  • Senior coach Ty Barker hypes up his players for the upcoming game.

  • The student team prepares to break at the start of the first half.

  • Senior Demi Harms gets low as she prepares to play defense.

  • Senior Julian Sedillo defends the ball as his team runs down court.

  • Senior Demi Harms looks at her team to make a pass.

  • The team celebrates a made basket.

  • Senior coaches Alex Sket, Tristan Brown, and Cam Vining talk strategy and substitutions for the first string players.

  • Senior Wyatt Sevin, heavily guards Mr. Santa Maria in an attempt to deflect the ball.

  • Senior Cate Mulqueen attempts a shot from the three point line.

  • Seniors Julian Sedillo and Wyatt Sevin celebrate a shot attempt in anticipation.

  • Student players look upon the play.

  • Junior Peter Balos goes up for a layup while heavily guarded.

  • Senior Julian Sedillo quickly steals the ball during the second half.

  • Junior Cheng Zhang looks to pass in the ball, yet is guarded by Varsity Girls Basketball Coach David Gaulman.

  • The student team celebrates a made basket.

  • Seniors Cate Mulqueen and Hannah McCurry add a humorous skit to the game.

  • Seniors Avery Robinson, Jackie Schlossberg, and Kate Folkens smile despite being down against faculty.

  • Senior coach Alex Sket looks upon the players in hopes of a basket.

  • The players exchange their "good games" as the faculty take the win.

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