Homecoming Day 2 Photo Gallery: Superhero Relay Race

On the second day of Homecoming, the entire upper school gathered at the Moore Athletic Center to watch the grade levels battle it out in a relay race.

Kate Folkens, Staff Writer

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  • The sophomores get pumped for the relay race.

  • The juniors prep for the relay race.

  • Students get ready for the competition.

  • The crowd watches intently as bystanders take photos.

  • The sophomores go over their plans before the relay.

  • Sophomore Kai Coogle sprints to the finish line.

  • Senior Camden Vining runs cradling senior Paul Williams.

  • Senior Camden Vining then proceded to drop Senior Paul Williams.

  • Junior Janie Chatham talks to the juniors in-between commentating the race.

  • Junior Torin Culp completes three push ups.

  • Senior Gabby Crenetti struggles to balance while being carried across the feild.

  • Seniors Jaclyn Schlossberg and Katie Carlson flex in their costumes.

  • Senior Dylan Zoller and a junior Conner Kitchner pose as Batman and Joker.

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