Upper school music program visits New Orleans

The band and Falcon Voices took a trip to New Orleans to experience the rich, musical history of the Big Easy.

Gauntlet Staff

In February, students from the upper school band and the Falcon Voices, accompanied by Ms. Hambrick and Reverend Rich, went on a trip to New Orleans, one of the musical epicenters of the United States. 

The group was able to decorate masks, as well as, visit multiple historical landmarks.

The students went on interactive tours, learning about the history of the city and its music. They ate traditional New Orleans food, learned the construction process of Mardi Gras floats and even designed their own Mardi Gras masks. 

According to pianist Adam Carlson, the highlight of the trip was “heading out on a tour of downtown that focused on the history of New Orleans jazz.  We stopped for beignets [traditional local pastries] and visited some major jazz landmarks, like recording studios.” 

The trip was very informative and fun for the band members. It allowed students to learn more about their trade and witness firsthand one of the most vibrant and unique cultures in the United States.

According to Ms. Hambrick, a band trip each year may become a tradition.  Music hubs like Miami, Atlanta, or even Nashville could be next.  Just another reason to dust off that saxophone next year and join the up-and-coming music program.