An ode to Vans

Vans skate shoes have been exploding with popularity lately. The stylish shoes can be seen all over campus. Here's why.

Alex DeStefano, Staff Writer

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As you meander the halls of the Upper School, you may notice the crazy number of skateboarding shoes worn by students, in particular, Vans.

Vans is arguably the biggest brand for skateboarding shoes, and the stylish kicks have been at the top for about 50 years since first coming out in 1966. However, the skater’s kicks started to grow in popularity due to famous skaters sporting them in the late 90’s.

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Although Vans are a skateboarding shoe, you probably see more people that don’t skate wearing them than avid skateboarders. In recent years Vans have taken over not only the skateboarding community but the fashion world as well. Whether your Vans are high tops, low tops, or slip-ons, the company knows how to make a stylish and comfortable shoe.

A key to Vans’ rapid success is not only the style but the price as well. Most of their shoes are priced at around $50-$60, making it very affordable for high school students to ball on a budget. You’re likely to see some celebrities wearing pairs of Vans during the red carpet and even performing at their shows. This celebrity influence is another factor that gets high schoolers to buy their shoes.

Artist Chris Brown wears a pair of Vans Old Skools while performing at his concert.  Photo Credit: VIBZN











The Gauntlet asked some Saint Stephen’s students which style of Vans they prefer. The Falcons had the option of either “High tops,” which were created for ankle support for skaters, “Authentics” which are the most popular low-top Vans shoe, “Old Skool’s” which are a representation of older styles when Vans first came out, or “Slip-ons,” which are Vans laceless version of the “Authentics.”

“I prefer the Authentics because they are the most comfortable and have the most variety of colors,” said freshman Camille Valadie.

A pair of white Authentics, Vans most popular style, and colorway. Photo Credit: Alex DeStefano











“I like the slip-ons because they look clean and they are super effortless and easy to put on. You also don’t need to worry about laces and them coming untied,” said sophomore Connor Rice.

A pair of white Slip-ons, completely laceless and effortless to put on. Photo Credit: Alex DeStefano











“High-tops are the best in my opinion because they look best with jeans and pants, but if I were to wear shorts, the old skools would be the move,” said sophomore Rickelle Kibbey. 

A pair of grey High-tops. These shoes are rapidly growing in popularity. Photo Credit: Alex DeStefano










“I prefer the Old Skools because they show a difference in style and they stand out more than the other ones. The Old Skools have a very comfortable feel and have a great style,” said sophomore Keaton Donnelly. 

Finally, a pair of Old Skools. These shoes are the second most popular because of their original style. These shoes are a perfect mix of the High-tops and the Authentics. Photo Credit: Alex DeStefano

No matter which style you prefer, Vans are very stylish and affordable shoes. High tops are good shoes to wear around winter time with a pair of pants. Not only are they very stylish but they are the perfect choice for skaters who need more ankle support than the Authentics would offer.

Old Skools are the right choice if you don’t think the high-tops have a comfortable feel around your foot. Authentics are the perfect shoe if you are looking for a comfortable shoe to wear in the summertime since they are very light. If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of tying your, laces then the slip-ons are the choice for you. 

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