Oh spirit point, oh spirit point

This week, three spirit events took place: The Advisory Door Decoration Contest, the Gingerbread House Building Competition, and the Candy Cane Challenge. Here are the results.

Cade Westberry, Staff Writer

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The Advisory Door Decoration Contest featured some tough competition. As per the guidelines, the four best doors (one from each class) were chosen to be judged by each class’s officers.

This year’s festive thresholds were Mrs. Cunningham for the freshmen, Mrs. Angelo for the sophomores, Mrs. Paleczny for the juniors, and Mrs. Elisha for the seniors.

Yesterday around 3pm, panel of judges (mostly art teachers) visited each door.  First place was awarded to the seniors for Mrs. Elisha’s “Christmas Workshop” door; second place went to the juniors who had an interesting light display; third place went to the Grinch-themed door of Ms. Cunningham; and finally, fourth place went to the sophomores.

Yesterday during assembly, the Gingerbread House Building Competition and the Candy Cane Challenge dominated the Upper School Commons.

In fourth place for the Candy Cane Challenge was the freshmen with 14. In third place was the sophomores with 19. The juniors were runners-up with 31, and finally, the seniors finished in first with 38 total candy canes.

Finally, in the Gingerbread House Building Competition…

In last place was the sophomores with a total score of 31. The freshmen barely edged out the tenth graders with a final score of 32. In second place with a total score of 49 was the seniors, which makes the juniors the big winners with a final score of 50.

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