Top ten study techniques to ace your exams

Exams are stressful for everyone, so we’ve taken the time to create a list of the best study techniques, guaranteeing you’ll ace your exams.

Olivia Elisha, Staff Writer

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  The techniques in this article are purely satirical; please do not actually study for your exams in these ways.*

  1. Binge Netflix
    • Studying weeks before an exam is lame. Instead, prepare for weeks in advance by lining up the shows you’ve been meaning to watch in your Netflix queue. All the information you pick up while watching The Office and Stranger Things is certain to help on your AP European History exam.
  2. Finally clean your room
    • Everyone knows that high school is stressful and free time is limited. Admit it: your parents have been nagging you about cleaning up the pile of clothes on that chair in the corner of your room. Now’s the perfect time to vacuum, dust, and change your bed sheets.
  3. Do online quizzes
    • Online quizzes are incredibly important. You need to know what type of bread you are and what celebrity you should go on vacation with. Why not visit The Gauntlet and take one of the fun quizzes? While you’re at it, read the articles! Check the spirit point count!
  4. Write your senior speech
    • It’s never too early to write your speech. From freshman, who still have four years, to seniors with only a few months left, this is the perfect time to come up with an idea, practice presenting, and edit it for hours on end! It’s best to get ahead of the game.
  5. Caffeinate
    • Caffeine is the best way to keep yourself awake and energized. Drink a lot of coffee the night before your exam. Re-learn all of the material from the last four months the night before. The caffeine will also ensure that you remember everything the next morning when you sit down to take the test. Make sure you get an extra shot of espresso on the way to school, too.
  6. Eat a Caesar salad
    • Caesar salads are a classic fan favorite. There may have been a recall for romaine lettuce, the primary ingredient of the salad, but your chances of getting E. Coli are slim. Don’t be afraid to eat healthy!
  7. Start a new hobby
    • Everyone has a hobby, and everyone has a hobby they’ve always wanted to pick up. Spend your time trying new things and maybe that could become your new passion.
  8. Don’t Show up
    • If you don’t show up for the exam your teacher will just assume that you know all of the material and give you an A.
  9. Work on College applications
    • Your college apps are very important. They also take up a lot of time, sometimes hours just to complete one. Use the time you could be studying to work on those essays about why you want to attend your dream college, and why they should admit you. It shows your dedication to school.
  10. Procrastinate
    • Pick your favorite way to procrastinate until you have no more time left to study and have to do a semester’s worth of studying in an hour. For example: I was assigned this article two weeks ago and started it the night before I had to upload it. By waiting, you are, by nature are older and therefore wiser, and much more likely to ace that AP Bio exam.