This week’s briefing: Mar. 16-Mar. 20

Like to know what’s coming up on campus each week? “This Week’s Briefing” highlights the key happenings for upper school student’s for the upcoming week.


The campus will be closed Monday, March 16th – Friday, April 3rd. 

From March 16-20, teachers will communicate to students/parents how they will proceed with virtual lessons, which they will introduce Wednesday through Friday. The faculty has created a topic for each course titled:  ‘School Closure Unit One.’ Students will be able to access class meeting times and assignments in this way.  

Students are welcome to come to the front desk Tuesday, March 13, between noon and 5 p.m. to collect items they may need to complete their assignments.

From March 23-27, the campus will remain closed and students will receive daily virtual instruction/lessons from their teachers. This week will follow our regular Block Schedule and teachers will be in classrooms (virtually) at their assigned time. Students and teachers will use Zoom, a popular meeting website. Attendance will be taken each class period and students who are unable to attend will have an opportunity to follow up with their teacher. Advisors will also conduct a daily check-in with students. 

From March 30-April 3, there is NO school as we will honor our already scheduled SSES Spring Break. 

All extracurriculars and athletic activities (games/practices) will be canceled from March 16-27.

During Spring Break, we will inform parents about whether the school will return to campus for classes on April 6, or if we will continue with virtual instruction. This decision will be based on the latest information at the time from the Governor and the CDC.