Cum Laude inductees honored at chapel

Tuesday, during chapel, this year's Cum Laude inductees were honored for their efforts and excellence at Saint Stephen's.


(names listed from left to right) Maria Erquiaga , Hailey Mallard, Augustus Bayard, Catherine Van Keuren, Hailey Kadivar, and Kassandra Haakman.

Kate Folkens, Staff Writer

At Tuesday morning’s chapel, six Saint Stephen’s students were inducted into the revered Cum Laude society.

According to, the Cum Laude Society is an association of 382 chapters that honors students’ scholastic achievements. To be inducted, a student must possess the society’s core three traits: Areté (Excellence), Diké (Justice), and Timé (Honor).

Any seniors with an unweighted GPA of at least 3.67 qualify to be induction. However, inductees must also meet rigorous standards of character and integrity. Once deemed eligible, students can be “voted in” by faculty based on academic performance, character standards, and involvement in the school community.

Induction into the Cum Laude Society is one of the highest honors you can obtain at Saint Stephen’s. Students who aspire to be inducted should start preparing early on in their high school career, keeping up their grades and impressing the faculty with their character.